Hello There!

You may have seen me around here before, I’ve had 2 previous blogs (The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm & Namaste And Eat Cupcakes) over the last few years.

I didn’t know anything about blogging, really. I was just sort of winging it with a post here and maybe one there with one falling towards the end of the month too.

I had no real focus with these two previous. I have learned so much in the 4 years i have been blogging, I decided on the niche I’d like to take part in, along with a few side subjects.

I want to research and write post like i do in my freelance business. I was throwing up posts that spewed out whatever was on my mind at the time. Which if you know me, ya know it was very random.

Let me introduce Myself

I’m Leslie Nichole, i live in the south with my FURbaby Quinn who is 14 months old. I pretty much run on caffeine (usually in the form of mocha’s), (carbs – pasta, gnocchi, & muffins. I love them but i am trying out a healthier lifestyle) and sarcasm (please don’t take offence to the sarcastic posts that may show up). I have horrible anxiety which makes ut hard to come out of my shell, but I’m working on it.

I enjoy yoga, baking (there will ve recipes, which will not be healthy), light cooking (these recipes will be healthier), watching Disney movies (Belle is my favorite), i am a runner (only in the fall/winter though. The summers here in NC are brutally hot) oh and i collect sugar skulls. I absolutely love them, i love color which they are full of.

I have one sibling whom i share most of my sarcastic moments with, my twin brother – Kevin. Throughout life he has always been my best friend, financial advisor (i make horrible decisions), role model (for him to be an idiot he makes smart choices), and partner in crime (when i have no one else to hang out with me at food truck rodeo’s or craving a cheeseburger pizza and beer).

I juggle a schedule of part times such as assistant to my aunt at the insurance agency she owns and freelance writing. I enjoy working with my aunt, she is my favorite. She loves me as much as my own mom, she even wanted me when i was a baby. I decided to quit my cushy full time job in January to peruse freelance writing, i love intertwining words that make up incredible stories or that share amazing facts. On Monday, i picked up another part time job at Yankee Candle! I am one of those people who feel lazy if they aren’t doing something, so why not fill more time slots. I think forcing myself to talk with strangers will help me get a hold on my anxiety or at least help me identify triggers.

I believe that is enough about me, i want to hear from you! What is one thing that makes you, you? What do you love, hate, despise? I want to come out of the shadows to build new friendships this time around, i can’t wait to meet you!


37 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. I love the new look of your blog and it’s nice to “meet you”! I think it’s awesome you have a twin brother! I would say the one thing that makes me “me” is my son, being his mom is the greatest challenge but also greatest joy in my life! I love my husband, kitties and good craft beer. I dislike muggy weather! Ha!


    1. Aww, i bet there are a lot of hilarious moments with your son. Kids are so unpredictable with what they’ll say. Cats are funny too, i had no idea. Mmm craft beer! I very much dislike this weather. Hah.


  2. YAY for sarcasm! So many serious people these days LOL I was born and raised on a tiny Pacific island and even after being in the US for 17 years, I still have culture shock. I hate cars but love going places. Im a social butterfly with social anxiety. I don’t know how that is possible but it is. I love talking to people and mingling but getting out there is always a hard start. I also am deathly afraid of snakes but can’t help photographing them. I was afraid of needles until I became chronically sick and had to get over that real quick! Looking forward to this new adventure for you and getting to know more about you along the way!


    1. Oh my gosh, i am the same way. Once i get comfortable with the place i am in I’m social too, hah it is weird. Your right though, that first connection is so hard. Hah, people are too serious and that in itself makes me giggle. I hope your having a great day today. I have chronic migraine, so i feel ya on that. It was nice to meet you!


    1. Hah, nice to meet you again too. You should totally try to freelance, it’s really part time right now. I want to learn all i can before i throw myself to the wolves, hah. Thank you for coming by!


  3. Nice to meet you, Leslie. I’m a fellow blogger. I blog about gardening at Lifeisjustducky.com and yes I have feather babies, ducks. I’m from the south too. Much farther south. South Florida. I wish you and your furbaby all the best.


    1. I wish i could garden! I am horrible at it, nothing stands a chance. Hah. I literally want to be able to eat the fruits of my labor, but i got nothing. Whew, i bet it’s really hot in FL right now huh? Aww, you have feather babies! Little duckies are so adorable when they’re little. It’s nice to meet ya!


    1. I thought the same thing about the anxiety posts, hah. Hah, i used the crafty side of sarcasm as a snarky diy & dessert blog, it was delicious. I like introduction posts too, it shows the person behind the blog, well that and because I’m nosey hah. It is nice to meet ya!


  4. Hi Leslie, I’m Jaimi also a blogger (pocketsfullofdaisies.co.uk) but a total newbie and still trying to work it all out. I’m a runner too but here in the UK it doesn’t stay hot for too long, but I like the change in the British weather. I love my animals also, we have a dog and 3 runner ducks :-).


    1. Ahhh i love duckies! They are adorable with their baby fluff and fur sticking everywhere. I’m moving to the U.K then, hah. The weather gere has been in the 90’s since May & rounding about 115ยฐ with the heat index, hopefully itll be gone by the end of September. Aww, give the puppy hugs, i love puppies too.


  5. So nice to meet you. I guess being a wife and mother makes me who I am. (cliche, I know). Good luck to you on your blogging adventure. I like the clean look of your blog and the pink accents are lovely.


  6. You definitely seem like a busy girl. I would love to see you write a post about what it was like growing up with a twin (maybe the not so glamorous side). I imagine NC is hot with the humidity,but I would still like to go there someday.


    1. Hah, i thought about writing a post about being a twin, now i think i will put it into the works. There was definitely some noy so glorious moments, hah. NC is hot but the beached and mountains are gorgeous, definitely worth sering if you get a chance.

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  7. I for one am a huge fan of sarcasm and it’s so great to learn more about you and see you are tackling a new blog!! Mazel tov ๐Ÿ™‚ I am excited to follow along, learn more about what having a twin brother is like, the many hats you wear (congrats on the new gig at Yankee Candle–I’d love to work there for the discounts alone!) and get more of a sneak peek into your life ๐Ÿ™‚

    What makes me ME?! Hmmm…I’m fiercely loyal, funny, weird, creative, and adventurous–at least, I’d like to think so ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hah i think weird is a good thing, it’s so boring yo be normal all the time right? I will definitely do a post about being a twin, it was interesting hah. There are 6 sets of twins in the family so it runs ramped in the family. Needless to say the extended family is huge. I don’t know what I’d do without sarcasm! I’ve only worked a day at Yankee Candle so far but its fun and i get 50% off anything with a scent, HELLO! Hah, i hope you have a great prefriday!


    1. Aww, so your the baby. I bet they look out for you. Yeah, my mom found out she was having twins and said “but i only wanted one”. So my brother & i pick on each other about being the one she wanted, hah.


  8. Hi Leslie! I live on coffee as well!! For the moment it is iced coffee, on colder days a capuccino.
    So cool you have a twin, I always wanted one when I was younger. And Disney cartoons are my addiction too! So happy to have a daughter who is now starting to watch full-length cartoons so I can watch again with her ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Aww, that’d be awesome to share the Disney movies with your daughter. I wouldn’t know what to do if i didn’t have a twin. I like the caramel iced frappe but for whatever reason i have a hard time drinking cold coffee. Hah like my brain cant comprehend it’s still coffee!


      1. Oh my goodness, I just saw this!! I apologize for the month delay! Haha, it’s funny that you can’t equate cold coffee to coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ I live on that during the summer!


  9. Hi Leslie! I ve two feather baby cockateils too. They are great. I can relate your bonding with your Aunt. Here opposite…i ve two neice and i love them so much..like my own daughter ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. I really like your description of yourself — so honest and charming. It makes us instantly want to like you. I added your blog to my list and look forward to your future posts.

    What makes me me? Easy — being born in a society that didn’t recognize or accept that I’m female and having to struggle my whole life with that. It and the struggle defined me.


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