5 Delightful Joys Of Being A Twin

I know science or whatever claim that the twin gene skips every other generation, that might be true but there is usually always one exception to the rule, throw in my family!

We have 6 sets of twins running through my family, like wildfire! You can imagine how the family reunions go, with 75 me’s running around ranging on a scale from “slightly crazy” to “I’m pretty sure you need a long sleeve jacket with buckles”. Actually, we aren’t that bad. 90% of us are really nice, only about 3 people share that 10% of rude behavior.

I can’t speak for the other 5 sets but i am happy with my choice of twin. His name is Kevin, I’m glad hes a boy. I don’t think i could have a twin sister! Kevin has taught me to stick up for myself, to be tough, while not taking any crap.

I have a few tattoos but by far my favorite is the one i share with him. We loved the movie Toy Story and i bet we watched the scenes right off the VHS, twice. The tattoo symbolizes the infinite love and respect we have for each other. The tattoo is on our left ribcage (closest to our hearts) with the infinity symbol. His says “To Infinity” inside 2 of the opposite directions of the infinity circle & my tattoo says “And Beyond” going in the same direction. If they were to be pulled apart & lined up the complete infinity circle would say “To Infinity And Beyond”. I came up with the idea and never thought he’d agree. It is on our left ribcages, closest to our hearts.

We thought because there was two of us we could ban together and be unstoppable, that lasted an entire 2 minutes before our plan of hurling ourselves onto the floor of the cereal isle failed, miserably. My mom jerked us both up and beat us within inches of our lives (not really, she just popped us on the wrist. At the time it felt we’d been beat), at that moment him & i both knew what defeat tastes like (and it wasn’t cookie crisp).


One // I will always have a sibling and a best friend, no matter what. We have an unconditional love for one another. I think it came from 7 months in a cramped space, we’ve always been accustomed to sharing.

Two // Our moods do effect each other from time to time, which everyone else thinks is funny. Like when i am 2 days into PMS and people send me messages telling me he is on his man period and very unpleasant to be around.

Three // Him & i can usually just look at one another and know what’s passing through the others mind. Sometimes we say the exact same thing at the same time when asked to give thoughts on something.

Four // When my mother found out she was having twins she was surprised and said “but i only wanted one”. That stuck with the ladies that went with her (dad had previous engagements), so him & i pick on each other by teasing which one of us she really wanted.

Five // Him & I are as different as night and day could get. He is a morning person whereas i am a night owl. He loves the heavier rock music as i like jazz, alternative, & some newer country music. He doesn’t eat condiments but i love ketchup and honey mustard, but we both share an outlandish love for crazy socks!


28 thoughts on “5 Delightful Joys Of Being A Twin

  1. What a beautiful, loving tribute to the relationship between you and your sibling. Lucky you! I had a brother who was only a year younger than me so we grew up together almost like twins. His absence is missed deeply.


  2. So awesome! My dads a twin and I’ve always wished it was me who had the twin. Perhaps I’ll have twins one day. Thanks for sharing!


    1. My dads best friend is a twin too and my brother and i share theit birthday too. Hah. I told mom i don’t know how she did it with 2 at once. “She said well i had A LOT of help” hah.


  3. That is a LOT of twins in your family! WOW!!! I can’t believe it! I love the tattoo you share with your brother and I’m glad you have such a wonderful relationship! This was fun to read!


  4. OMG, I love love love your matching tattoos ❤ So very sweet, and that placement (though painful I've heard) is one of my favorites for ink.

    I've always wanted a twin. I'm so fascinated by how you can feel things because of the deep-rooted bond you share, and think it's amazing you know what the other is thinking sometimes 🙂 Thanks for sharing this–love your photos!


    1. Aww, thank you! I am surprised he agreed because when we were younger i convinced him to get our lips pierced. I believe drinks were involved with that one though. He generally does what i say anyway though. 😆


  5. That’s so cool that you have a fraternal twin!! I am a fraternal twin, too…. but I do have a twin sister and we’re superclose!
    The matching tattoos are awesome…


    1. Aw, yay! It’s fun huh? I mean maybe i could have a sister, if i grew up with one instead of him. It probably would’ve been easier! 🤔 do you guys have the twinning thing going on too?


  6. I am so fascinated by twins. My son is best friends with triplets and each one of them is completely different in personality but every once in a while, they’ll sync together and it’s like they’re reading each other’s minds. It’s the wildest thing. Such good kids.
    I love your tattoos.


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