5 Things To Know About Anxiety

I have had anxiety since i can remember i just never knew what it was and i couldn’t explain it without someone telling me it was all in my head or just for someone to tell me to get over it (as if it’s as easy as that). I’ve talked to my doctor who has prescribed medications to help me deal with my daily life. I take that medication but i also help manage my anxiety naturally as well with Valerian Root, St. John’s Wart, & Cherry Plum drops.

There usually isn’t just one thing that can place you in the throws of a panic attack, it can happen at any time really.

When you feel the storm rolling in you’ll notice your heart rate speeds drasticly, which causes you to feel dizzy or faint sometimes even weak, sweating, my muscles tense up, chest pains, numbing of the fingers, difficulty breathing or taking in breaths, also the lose of control is persistent.

5 Things To Know About Anxiety #anxiety #personal #lifestyle #relax

When an attack occurs i want to be left alone to deal with the mess that is going on in my head. Sometimes i don’t know how i will make it through one that seems like it is going on forever when in reality is only a couple of minutes. Once it’s usually over i have tears streaming down my face while i gasp for air.

5 Things To Know About Anxiety #anxiety #personal #lifestyle #relax

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear that are strong enough to interrupt with one’s daily life.

5 Things People Living With Anxiety Want You To Know:
1. Anxiety disorders are not just worrying, it can be debilitating and disabling condition.
2. Anxiety suffers don’t like to worry, but that is how this illness keeps us as prisoners in our own bodies.
3. People with anxiety disorders are not antisocial. Given the way our body reacts to anxiety we try not to put ourselves in a situation that can bring on an attack.
4. We are still a work in progress, which may feel to us like a never ending process.
5. Our anxiety disorder isn’t who we are, it isn’t our personality. We shouldn’t be defined by the borders we’ve set for ourselves to help keep our anxiety at bay.


9 thoughts on “5 Things To Know About Anxiety

  1. Fellow anxiety sufferer here. You nailed it. These are all so true. I don’t let my anxiety define me though. It’s just the wiring in my brain that is not quite right and my medication helps me fire on all cylanders. I haven’t heard of some of those natural treatments before, so I will have to look into them!


  2. I so not have anxiety but I do have depression. I can’t imagine what you go through. That lose of control has got to be hard. I usually can feel my depression coming on and after years of getting to know myself I can usually cut it off at the start through changing my thought process. It took years though. xxoo


  3. Love this! I have social anxiety – though I’ve gotten a lot better with medicine (I’ve been on it for maybe 10 years now?) but it’s tough. It was hard to deal with before I did anything to manage it because people didn’t get it.



    1. I’m on medications too, some days are better than others. Your right though, there is still a lot of people who just don’t understand. I am trying to force nyself to deal with it, i got a part time job in an upscale mall. Hah, i forgot how rude people are.


    1. Don’t ya love it when they say that? Like, if it were that easy you wouldn’t have this problem. It takes to come up with a plan of attack that works. I hope you’ve found relief, even if it is just moments.


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