A Peek Inside My Purse

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I think it maybe because i am nosey but i love reading “in my bag” posts a lot of bloggers do. I always laugh at myself because what i carry is way different than 95% of those kind of posts I’ve read. Hah, it would be great to be “normal”.

I get amazed at the makeup that beauty bloggers keep. I can’t do makeup, i had a twin brother growing up so i didn’t have anyone to practice on, give me tips, or help me pick from infinite shades of eyeshadow pots.

The fashion bloggers have some of the freshest handbags that make me do my “wanty hands” (it’s like a child shaking their hands when they want something). I only own two Coach bags which i am proud of myself, as they were the first two purchases made with my freelance profit. I don’t use them everyday though.


Every day is different, not just because it is a new day but also because i have chronic migraine. Which pretty much means i have more days with a migraine than not.

I carry a huge purse on the daily so i can toss in anything i might need for convenience. I get frustrated when i forget something or misplace it all together.

Take a look inside my purse as someone who suffers anxiety & migraines.

• Wallet (essentials inside, credit cards, $17 in cash, drivers license)
• Planner (it contains my life)
• Hand sanitizer
• Migraine meds x3
• Chapstick x2
• Phone charger
• Sunglasses
• Small wheat bag
• Emergency contacts
• Crystals (Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Rhondinite, Agate, Lepidolite, Chalcopyrite)
• Aveeno travel size lotion

You are probably thinking “what is wrong with this girl?”. I have a condition called chronic migraine, which basically means i have more headache days a month than not.

Some migraines only last a few hours, I’ve had a few that have lasted days. I was nauseous, i couldn’t open my eyes because of the light (it is really odd sleeping in sunglasses too), i could hear neighbors 8 houses down cutting grass like it was in my backyard at my window.

This condition makes workdays (with 2 part time jobs out of home and a freelance business in home, everyday is a workday – 7 days a week now) almost impossible, uncomfortable, and down right unbearable. Imagine how hard it is to concentrate with a throbbing on one side of your head along with the symptoms above. Bills must be paid so i have to power through.

On the sever days i take so many prescription and over the counter meds (Excedrin Migraine) my head feels hazy and i wade through the fog all day. It feels like when you wake up but your not ready to but ya have to adult that day, yeah it’s like that.

Some migraines only last a few hours while others last days. I have a list of triggers i keep in my head of what may cause tgem so i can try to stay away from, these triggers range from foods, smells, even to situations.


19 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Purse

  1. I love posts like this. I am so sorry that you suffer from chronic migraines. I have had a few migraines and it was so horrible. I’m so glad that you have a list of triggers and have medicine to help you feel better.


    1. Migraines are the worst, don’t they make ya want to pull your brain out of your nose? Oh, that’s just me?? Lol jk. It is passed down on my mother’s side, heh thanks mom. The only thing to do is live 1 day at a time.


  2. I have had migraines in the past (they are hormonal for me) and know exactly what you mean. Some days all you can do is roll around in bed (or on the floor) writhing in pain. Hopefully they will go away at some point, soon! My bag seems to be huge by the time I have to put stuff in there for me, my husband and kids, haha. Great post!


  3. I have had migraines in the past (mine are hormonal) and know exactly what you mean. There are times that doing anything is impossible. I have to have a large bag to carry everything for me, my husband, and kids. Great post!


  4. Are the migraines something you’ve had since you were a child? I suffer nowherenear what you do but I can relate. I lost vision in one eye once and my entire right side went numb, called critical care because my doctor was away and was told to go to the ER because it sounded like I was having a stroke and to get the f to the hospital. Five hours later, “oh it’s just a bad migraine.” They’re no joke.
    Love getting a peek into others’ purses. 🙂


  5. I always love What’s Inside my Bag posts, too. i feel like our purses are our lifelines and you can learn so much about a woman from what’s inside. I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you.


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