I’m late, I’m late!

I have been trying to reevaluate my lifestyle lately. I work at an insurance agency two days a week and i freelance four days a week. I am one of those people who has to be doing something rather it be working, creating, reading, etc, you get the idea.

As with the extra free time i had i thought it would be nice to get a little part time job just to pass some of that extra free time i had aquired. I was browsing around the huge mall directory at stores that may have an opening. I stumbled upon Yankee Candle and thought to myself “i could sell candles a few hours a week, why not give it a try and fill out the app”. The next day i got a call for an interview for the following day. I was dreading it because interviews aren’t my specialty so i tried to look nice and use my manners.

I wasn’t antsy or uncomfortable at all, as a matter of fact the manager and i talked like we’d known each other for our entire lives. My anxiety level dropped 60% and i was comfortable. The meeting was brief, about 10 minutes or so. I got a call the next day and was hired.

I love all three of my jobs, wouldn’t change a thing – even though i have no days off between the three and i have to jump on freelance work after a shift at either job or before the candle shop depending on that schedule.

When i was hired at Yankee Candle i applied for part time, in the interview i was told the previous manager and his entire staff quit because they thought the store was going to close. Sooo, my part time turned into full time with no less than 30hrs weekly.

I love every minute i am going full speed ahead at either one of the three and thank God for mocha’s, Lush with their bubble bars and bath bombs, also shout out to lavender epsom salt. Hah, these things are keeping my tired body as happy as it can get.

I am going to schedule in walks either in the mornings or the evening for a little “me” time. Being so busy i haven’t been making the best lunch or dinner decisions which are catching up to me. I figure the fresh air will do me good and it’ll help melt those extra calories away. I found out i am hypoglycemic and it scared me as diabetes runs in my family. Eek!

I am also looking for self help kind of books (like “You Are A Badass” or “Big Magic”). If you have recommendations please drop them in the comments!

source: @girlbebrave 


8 thoughts on “I’m late, I’m late!

  1. That’s a great idea to schedule in walks for yourself to get some exercise and fresh air! Those are good moments to step back and breathe a little bit when you’re so busy!


  2. Damn…good for you girl! I think that’s fantastic. You are doing all the right things for yourself and I know that I don’t know you very well but I want to say that I am proud of you. I really am.
    I think that if I were to work at a place like Yankee Candle, I’d just go from jar to jar sniffing all the smells. I’m a weirdo like that.
    Lavender is such a calming scent isn’t it?
    And speaking of walks, I love them. They’re great for pounding out thoughts and just getting fresh air.


  3. I love listening to audiobooks or podcasts on my walks! ‘You Are a Badass’ and ‘Big Magic’ are two awesome books, I would also suggest ‘the Universe Has Your Back’ which is one of my favs. I recently wrote a post about some of my favorites on my blog, if you’re interested in more!


  4. Wow, that’s crazy a part-time turned full time! I’m glad you’re enjoying it though – and it’s definitely a good idea to schedule down time or time you can do your own thing! I love self-help books. I think Gretchen Rubin has some nice ones! I read one called The Productivity Project which was intriguing.



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