Who Is Your Alter Ego?

I found a piece of myself a few days ago that caught me off guard. I’ve been working a lot lately so I’m tired, grumpy without coffee, and a little moody.

This is where I did something my normally bubbly self wouldn’t do, I snapped on someone. Before I knew it words came spewing from my mouth; I felt a little embarrassed but at the same time pleased with myself.

If you know me then you know I’m kind of like a timid puppy, scared of my surroundings, uncomfortable with confrontation. I’m an introvert but seems like I’m an extrovert because I try very very hard to keep my social anxiety hidden (I thought it was a good idea to take a job at the mall) so I can try to live a normal life.


After hours dealing with loud noises, snarky candle sniffers, and the urge to bite my nails down to my fingers I take at least 2 hours to simmer when I get home.

I don’t have any days off between the three jobs I am juggling. I think I have an alter ego (I’m naming her Nichole & I’m going to keep her) though, she came about the day she gave the overly pain in the ass lady a piece of my mind. I usually apologize after I say something rude or say nothing at all. I had left work and was pursing the mall which I am fairly new to (all 300 stores!) when I decided to pop into one of my favorite stores to indulge a little.

Having anxiety I don’t like to be touched and I am strange about my personal space, like for real if I can feel your breath on me – your too close!


To be fair I asked her to back up a little but she was blabbing away on her cellphone so I politely repeated myself but when she looked at me and shouted “I am on the phone here!” Out of nowhere I heard myself say “yes I see your on the phone, everyone hears your on the phone because we all hear your conversation! Your standing so close to me I feel your every word brushing the back of my neck” before I could say another word she stormed off. I don’t do that, I am a quiet, polite, people pleaser!

I did have at least 4 people tell me thank you that she was obnoxious and couldn’t seem to chew gum with her mouth closed.

I think I will hang onto Nichole for times I need a little more.. something.. she seems to get the job done effortlessly. When I called my mom she was as shocked as I was, I’m telling ya, that’s not me!

Do you have an alter ego? Just a little something that pops out now and again but gets things handled. I hope I’m not the only one! Haha.


10 thoughts on “Who Is Your Alter Ego?

  1. When people are rude in public, it’s okay to call attention if done politely. You did the right thing here, even if it’s atypical for you. I’m also shy and rarely talk to strangers but I do when they deserve it. Kudos!


    1. Yay, go us! I haven’t said anything to anyone in awhile but I was just trying to sip on my lemonade and enjoy myself not listen to loud mouth over there cussing about alcoholic apple cider while breathing through her mouth, hah. There were kids around to.


  2. Some people are in their own little world and could care less about other people. Great you told her to back up and so what she stormed off. People around you appreciated what you didi.


  3. LOL I used to joke I had an altar ego named Hermit the Frig (opposite of Kermit the Frog) that came out when I wanted to hide from the world. I think it’s ok for those egos to come through every now and then. And I love that “Stop petting my peeves” quote.


  4. I do think I have an alter ego but I kept her well hidden, which probably isn’t healthy at all! I can take a certain amount of pressure but if it’s been days or weeks and the pressure keeps coming on then I feel like I’m going to burst. Rather than actually speaking up though, I tend to go in on myself and not say anything whereas if I actually let it out I might feel better!


  5. Good on you! I have a hard time expressing myself publicly for the same reasons (typically anxiety) so I give you major props for holding on to Nicole and having her come out in this situation. Some people just need to know they’re being obnoxious! And seriously, get off your phone and stop snapping your gum! LOL


    1. Haha thank you! I think it’s rude and it may just be me but I think if your somewhere you should TRY to interact with people. If you have to be on the phone use your inside voice, not your day at the zoo voice. Hah


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