A Tiny Solution

One thing about me is that I like close spaces, they make me feel safe. I was in a tornado when I was three years along (along with my mother & brother) that almost killed us.

Being three years old this shook me to my little core; I spent the night at my grandparents house for about 6 years after that dreadful night. I simply didn’t trust to be in the home I shared with my family. It was a brand new home but still on the same land the tornado hit. My little brain couldn’t comprehend that I would be safe that the tornado was just a fluke.

Looking back on things that tornado helped shape me into the person I am. I think that is where my anxiety started, and that be so? I was only three. I wouldn’t spend the night with anyone and my mom said at night I’d pace until my grandma picked me up.

What is weird though is I’m not scared of the dark, I love storms, rain is one of my favorite things ever, and I feel peaceful on rainy days.

I can’t explain how excited I was to see a tv show on HGtv that showcased these tiny houses. I thought they were so adorable! After binge watching the show for a few hours (don’t judge) I decided I will have a tiny house.

I think it would be a fun little place to live and I would feel comfortable, so let the savings begin!

I’ve got a design in mind but want it to be at least 800sq ft – not the 670sq ft that is pictured. I really love the design of the house with its levels and the lounge upstairs, Quin will love looking at the birds and other wildlife animals all day.

It’s a tiny solution, I love this tiny house plan! #tinyhouse #home #tinyhome #lifestyle

Nova Scotia tiny house plan


30 thoughts on “A Tiny Solution

  1. Now that is just too cute! It reminds me of a lighthouse. I’ve always admired tiny houses, but I’ve wondered if I could truly live in one without feeling like I was totally closed in! I love that this one has three levels!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I think that is another reason why I love it so much too, because it looks like a lighthouse. If I wasn’t single or if I had kids there is no way I could do it but it’s just me and the kitty. Hah.


  2. Oh my gosh how cute! My husband is so not with me on the idea of a tiny house later on. (4 kids and a puppy could be tight) but im with yiu and i absolutely love the idea youve got here, with the lightbouse design. Love love love!


  3. No way! This is very similar to a favorite tiny house I have bookmarked (there are a dozen or so). The dreams to sell the current house, and build a 500-700 sq ft. House that’s super energy efficient, (facing the sun, etc.). Here’s the similar house:


    This one’s cool too:


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  4. I am this same way, I was raised in Illinois, and tornado drills were our “fire drills” in school. The first time I saw one, it was so insane, that I had nightmares like 5 times per week, for years!! I think even multiple decades (i’m older than you think) into my adulthood. It’s scary to see that nature has no limits, and it can affect you in ways you would never imagine. I used to try and write it off as “dreams about lack of control” or whatever, but no… it was the fuckin tornado.

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  5. That is a nice house! Keep “seeing” yourself in your dream house. Who knows how long it will take, but visualizing it persistently, long-term, will condition you to be ready to realize and snap up the opportunity when it arises. Worked for me. Mine is 800 sf. on 19 forested acres. Never knew if it would happen, but “saw” it coming for decades, and it arrived in the last way anyone would have expected.

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  6. Cute house. I’d love to visit someone who lives in one, but, could never live in a tiny house! I was raised in a mobile home/trailer. It was too small for six people. I left my humble home when I was eighteen (to go to college). I’ve craved big, open spaces since then. I love regular-sized homes, but, can understand why some would crave a tiny house!

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  7. Very cute little house!
    I actually prefer some elbow room. I feel hemmed in when I’m in small spaces, but everything is possible!

    We currently are living in a “tiny” situation. 5 people, 3 cats, and 2 dogs in less than 300 sq ft. It’s doable. Sometimes I wish for some more privacy, but it’s turning out better than I expected!

    Yours does look very lighthouse-like. It’s pretty cool.

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