No Malls And No Problems

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How is it already the middle of November?! Where have I been all of 2017, I feel like the only thing I’ve accomplished this year is gaining 15 pounds. That’ll definitely have to come off in 2018.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so let’s enjoy the rest of 2017. I hope the next month 1/2 everything you want; you get. Stay focused and kick some butt into 2018.

My favorite holiday is coming up; not only does December hold Christmas but it’s also my birthday month! I like eating birthday cake by the Christmas lights, the lights are so soothing to me. Low light has become a favorite of mine, especially during my night time routine.

Time is running out to find everyone the perfect Christmas presents but there is no need to sweat it. I’m sharing a few of the online shops I bought from this year, to keep from having to go out to the mall.

Crowds give me horrible anxiety especially since all of these bad things are happening in the world. However, I was able to get everyone on my list something I know they’ll love sent right to me. In the words of Heather Land “I’d rather drive a speed boat through a sewage pond” than to have to walk around the mall “I ain’t doing it”.


Each and every person on your list is different so variety is going to be what you want. This year I went with Personalized Jewelry, cards for the friend I have that loves them. She can use them all year around as I made her thank you cards and blank cards. A few of my friends are TruDog lovers so I didn’t really skip them I just got their pooches something to love, which will make my friends happy in return. I got my cousins goodies from Ashley Brooke Designs because I love love love her shop! I want everything in it.

I wanted to do it a little different this year and think outside of the box. I am so pleased with my purchases and I know they’ll love them too. You can check out the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in advance to plan your purchases.

I don’t want to give away what I’ve bought my friends and family for Christmas but here are a few of my favorites!
PersJewel, name necklace, Personalized jewelry Buy Destiny Candles Now Summer New Arrivals


15 thoughts on “No Malls And No Problems

  1. I avoid the mall too. I’ve found shopping online with zulily is the easiest Xmas shopping! I LOVE the bottom necklace, so elegant and unique.


  2. Pretty necklaces! 😊 I agree with the whole anxiety when it comes to shopping and especially even more now since Christmas is coming. I try to go in with the mindset of wearing blinders when out at the mall (not literal blinders of course, I need to see) 😛 But when I’m in the shopping mode mood and want to enjoy the whole shopping experience, then I try to stay focused on not getting overwhelmed by others.


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