Chinese Lantern Festival

I love bright colors, lights, and adventures; so it’s no surprise how giddy I got once I heard the Chinese lantern festival was coming back to Cary this year for the spectacular lights & lanterns show. I missed the exhibit last year due to a head cold on my birthday.

I’m anxious so no lines

Gates opened at 6pm on Sunday evening, I’m an anxious person so I don’t like standing in line; I was thrilled after purchasing my ticket online to skip the line.

I didn’t know what exactly to expect as there wasn’t a lot of photos from years before, I guess not to give it away. I overheard a few people say it was way different this year than last year, with the added bonus of a live performance every 30 minutes.

Chinese Lantern Festival 2017 #lantern #festival #Chinese

I took at least 100 pictures in which I wasn’t pleased with the camera at first. The pictures came out blurry from picking up the lights and bright colors. I figured it out after about 15 minutes of a lot of tweaking and cursing (because that helps fix most things right?). I got it! So on I went..

I have thought and thought but I can’t really pick a favorite scene. The dragon was huge and sprayed water from its mouth too. It was the length of the pavilion, I sat on the steps and stared until my eyes got tired.

If your in the Raleigh/Cary (or surrounding) areas this would be a great way to enjoy the lights with the family, friends, or even alone.

Here are a few highlights from the exhibits, don’t you just love the lights along with the designs?? ( In order to cut down on page load time, I put them in thumbnail view. Click the images to view then better ).


37 thoughts on “Chinese Lantern Festival

    1. It’s lije the devil (the light problem) lol I will dig around in my settings to see what I did. I think this is only the second year it’s been around. It’s here until the first week in January I believe.


  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the different colors lights. I’m from NYC so I never knew there was such a thing as a lantern festival. Interesting!

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  2. Your photographs are beautiful ❤ What an incredibly fun and different thing to experience this time of year! Love love love and am going to see if we have anything like this close to where I live. This year, my bf's family and I are going to Dyker Heights (in Brooklyn) to see all the homes lit up for the holidays. I'm a sucker for fun Christmas lights 🙂

    XOXO and hope you have a very merry holiday season!

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  3. Love your pictures. (Glad you figured out the problem with your camera!) I’ve put this on my bucket list of things to do. Thanks for participating in our Party in Your PJs!


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