Monthly Goals: January 2018

I like a lot of people are terrible at keeping New Years resolutions. I hardly think about making a resolution until it’s almost New Years anyway.

I shall write them down, concentrate on them one by one then put them in my little (manifesting) box, wish them the best of luck while they make their way into manifestations, and hopefully meet them again sometime this year.

If you don’t believe in manifesting then so be it. However, I do. I joined a group of 39k who do as well. It’s a beautiful thing.


January Goals:

Practice gratitude journaling:
Gratitude journals have captured my attention in 2017. I haven’t started one because I get a little bit of anxiety trying to figure out what to put in it (yes, I know that defeats its purpose, hehe).

Read one book:
I think in 2017 I only read three books.. just three! It doesn’t make any sense to me either! I have a reading list that keeps getting longer by the day.

Keep bow practicing:
On my birthday (December 18th) I bought myself a pink Diamond (they are a girls best friend, right?) Bowtech bow. I will not use it for hunting as I do not have the heart to hurt animals (not saying you don’t care about their little furry being if you are a hunter. Ya gotta eat).

Schedule out February’s blog posts:
I really want to gain more attention to the blog. I’m starting to obsess over the numbers to the point my heart breaks a little when I have an off day. What do YOU as a reader want to read around here? I’d like to get so organized that I have a month a head scheduled out.

Walk at least 5 miles weekly (sprinkled with running) & track with Fitbit:
I was in the best shape of my life in 2015. I was eating great, running four times a week, I even ran my first half marathon! I was proud of myself in 2015, right now is a completely different tune. I’m 15 pounds heavier (lots of anxiety and depression met me in 2017. This year, it’s time to shed it!

Drink at least 70oz of water a day:
Why is it so easy to like 30 shots of tequila (Gatorade, Protein shake, anything of your choice really) but I can barely do 18 ounces of water daily. I have water in my coffee (bean juice) does that count for anything?

Complete two yoga sessions a week:
I love love love yoga! L.O.V.E-I.T!! When feeling anxious it helps calm me, it even helps me sleep  and stay that way until my alarm blazes through my welcoming dreams. Guided yoga is great (yes I found the yoga channel the satellite provides)! The voices are so calming and you can see the poses as they’re performed.

You go ahead and hulk smash those goals for the month! Show them who is boss while your beating them about the head and shoulders.

If you find you’ve become a little distracted- that’s not a problem. Stop, take a few deep breathes, continue to plow through them.

This is a new month of a new year; where anything is possible!


30 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: January 2018

    1. I think so too, especially me. Plus i will get consumed with something else and completely forget something if i don’t write them down. Not that it isn’t important just that i’d forget my name if someone wasn’t talking to me all the time, ha.


  1. Best of luck to you on your goals this year! I really need to up my water intake as well, and I need to incorporate gratitude journaling into my bullet journal!

    That’s awesome that you have a bow! I haven’t done archery in a while but it’s so much fun! (Also just for fun–I don’t have the heart to hunt either. :[ )

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    1. I want to start a bullet journal but have no idea how yet, even with all the tutorials haha. I’m a lost cause. I’ve had about 30 ounces of water so far today. Haha, drink some water! (totally not yelling at you, just a reminder hah).

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      1. haha, I feel ya! I read a ton about it and was kinda intimidated but if you go in with the mentality that it doesn’t have to be perfect (despite what instagram feeds make it look like ;_; ), it’ll be fine! ❤

        And yes, I shall go grab more water! 😛 Thanks!


  2. Writing down your goals and resolutions is such a great idea. I want to write more this year and I also want to reach my reading goal this year. I was so close to reaching my reading goal last year so I’m really determined to accomplish this goal. I also have a hard time drinking a lot of water, but I have been improving on how much water I drink. I found that having one of those huge bottles really helps. Good luck on your goals this year. I hope you have a great week and Happy New Year!

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  3. I think monthly goals are great. I wanted to do that last year but only really wrote them down for the first month I think? I should really put that in my planner or something. I definitely need to drink more water, but I don’t drink a ton of ANYTHING so it’s tough to make myself. haha


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    1. I will probably end up tanking a few months and get frustrated hah. I want to concentrate on the blog this year, along with the water hah. Are you always thirsty? I’m always sipping on something, which looking at it now I probably need to stop lol. Happy new year lovie!


  4. I’ve upped my water by using a see through straw cup. Seems totally stupid but it oddly works. It doesn’t hold a lot either so sometimes I finish a cup immediately and I feel like I’m kicking ass already!

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    1. A see through cup with a straw ya say.. I may have to grab one for starting, I like the straw idea – for maximum consumption! 😋 I got a 30oz tumbler for Christmas but I can’t SEE my progress. Keep kicking some H2O ass!


  5. I came across this post randomly but had to chime in because I think that your goals are wonderful! Accessible and geared toward making your life more pleasurable versus punishing yourself (which I think is the downfall of so many resolutions!). Beautiful inspiration!

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    1. Hello there, thank you for stopping by! I tried to make the goals achievable, for so many years I punished myself with goals that were out of reach (& I knew that) so I’ve adopted a simpler & more positive lifestyle.


  6. I started most years with specific goals and would get discouraged when they fell apart, so this year I am doing it totally different. So I am using an inspiration from a book to help me start my thought process each day. My life goals are generic, like meet my step goal as agreed on with my doctor. As a Senior Citizen believe me there will be no marathons.
    maybe you can use your blog as a starting point for your Gratitude Journal

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  7. I like your 2018 resolutions….I think you will do well. Or well enough, whatever becomes of your year of diligence working toward intentional manifestations, it is likely you will learn nuch. I had difficulty with my gratitude journal as well. I like morning pages better, and meditating even better…..And to answer your question, i would like to see more discussions on attention, intentional manifestations and the like….Keep up the writing, you’re good. .

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