Lets Kick Negative Talk

This is a sticky subject for me as i have dealt with it myself since i was a teenager. One moment you feel like your on top of the world but the next moment it’s almost like your 6ft under ground.

Let’s Kick The Negative Talk #confidence #lifestylebloggers #motivation #love #selfesteem

Let’s get real..

Sometimes we don’t like ourselves. We could have done better on promoting our work, this mornings run, last nights tennis round, or devouring that cupcake for lunch faster.

Let’s kick the negative talk!

Sure, you have friends.  They are everywhere and they complement your hair, nails, the fact you did your makeup and look like an honorable member of society.


I get it

I do. Sometimes you just look at yourself in the mirror and totally downgrade yourself with thoughts like (or maybe you talk to your cat) “you’ve gained some weight”, “oh you can’t go for a run but you can binge watch “How To Get Away With Murder” for 3 hours”, “you bombed that 2,500 word essay genius”.

We all do it, even that friend that you think is perfect and secretly wish she’d fall and break her stiletto and pinky toe. Don’t be like that.

We as women should believe in and empower one another. The world is hard enough as it is!

Let’s kick the negative talk!

You are going to be by your side for the rest of your life, so you’d better like yourself.


24 thoughts on “Lets Kick Negative Talk

  1. This is a great reminder! Especially for those who made resolutions following the holidays to get more active in the new year, but only half a month in and suffering from cabin fever due to illness and weather… I haven’t done as well as I’d like but reading this positivity really helped to change my mindset today. Thank you for this reminder today!

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  2. Such a great reminder. This winter has so many of us feeling blah enough! We spend so much time telling others that they are great and look amazing that sometimes we forget to tell ourselves. Thanks for this!

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  3. I’m trying. I’ve decided on Facebook I was only going to share positive things. I know there is so much politically to spread but man.. it’s draining my soul. I just can’t anymore.

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  4. Thanks for the reminder, truly. I fall in holes sometimes of negative thinking and have a really difficult time crawling out. It snowballs—first I’m just nit picking; then it’s a full-blown attack. I think we’re always so hard on ourselves but it’s important to surround ourselves with people who love and support, no matter what and just the way we are ❤

    Here’s to surrounding ourselves with love and light and positive thinking 🙂

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  5. I cannot 🙌 this one enlightened because it’s so wonderful true!

    As women- we are already so hard on ourselves, why can’t we work together to build ourselves up and stop the pettiness and jealously. It’s such a huge waste of time not to mention exhausting and just makes one look very unattractive.

    Great post!

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  6. Eliminating negative self-talk and negative judgments are probably my greatest struggles, but they’re also my biggest goals for myself (not necessarily just for 2018 – this is definitely a long-term journey!). Thanks for this reminder to keep this at the forefront of my mind. Life is hard enough without such negativity!

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  7. I could not agree any more! Our words are so powerful – both what we say to others and to ourselves. We’ll talk ourselves right into giving up or feeling inadequate. SO huge that we stop doing that, especially as women!

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