8 Bad Habits To Break

I’ve become more aware of my bad habits as I’ve gotten older. Not all of these habits steam from childhood, some I have picked up along the way. Allowing them to hitch hike along the road of my journey.

It’s due time I let them off to find the nearest bus stop. I no longer want to drag these bad habits around with me, so it’s best if they find shelter elsewhere.


Sleeping until the last minute
I’d love to start waking up early on mornings I work. I love to sleep so I usually sleep until 6:30am, have a 8 minute shower, use my liner & mascara, pick out an outfit, head out the door. No wonder I’m always feeling rushed!

Not preparing for the next day
I admire people that pick out their outfits the night before. It seems like a simple enough task, so why is it so hard for me?!

Failing to make a “to do” list a priority
I kind of do things as I think of them. Which is totally unproductive because then I get overwhelmed. I think having a prioritized to do list would help tremendously.

Trying to always be in control
I’m more than positive my anxiety has a ton to do with this nasty little habit. It’s draining and exhausting! I need to realize I have no say in what the universe has in store for me. I seem to think as long as I am in control I won’t disappoint anyone but myself if things go south.

Self doubt / feeling insecure
I have no idea where most of my self confidence up and went. I think it’s because in reality 2017 was an extremely tough year for me. I lost track of important things, gained weight, struggled with my mental & psychical health.

This is a huge one to say the least. I overthink everything, even what I might eat for lunch. I feel like if I overthink it then I won’t be surprised of the outcome because I’d already analyzed everything to death.

I’ve always been a procrastinator, since I can remember. There is nothing like saving everything until the last minute and then have a full blown panic attack.

Being indecisive
I am the worst at this! It’s hard for me to pick a choice and stick with it. Picking a place for dinner or lunch reservations is near to impossible. This bad habit is also time consuming and so aggravating.


35 thoughts on “8 Bad Habits To Break

  1. I need to get better about preparing for the day the night before. I usually pick out my clothes, but I could do so much more, my coffee pot has a timer on it, if I got that ready at night that would be one less thing too. I’m going to work on it!

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  2. Oh gosh, those first two… I so badly need to do both of those, but I have such a hard time waking up early. I feel like I hardly get enough sleep as it is, but I also never feel prepared for the day. Thanks for the conviction – I’m putting both of those on my list!

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  3. Oh, I hear you on being indecisive. I’m awful with that “where do you want to go?” question. I think I worry about what others think too much as well – which goes along with that. Sigh. I also need to get better with not procrastinating; especially with the blog!


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  4. Man! We have a lot of bad habits in common! The always having to be in control, overthinking, and procrastination are all habits I’ve had for a long, long time. If I were going to pick one to work on, it would be waking up early. Right now, my kids are my alarm clock but someday, I’d love to get up, enjoy a cup of coffee, have a devotional, read a blog or two, and then begin the chaos of the day. Maybe someday. You’re right that preparing for the next day is a game charger! I do this often and it really helps! From packing lunches, to setting out clothes to even preparing the coffee… it really does make a huge difference and makes mornings run much more smoothly!!

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  5. The main one on this list that I need to work on is overthinking, yikes, it can take up too much time and mind space when I re-run the possibilities and various outcomes in my head. Thanks for the reminder to keep this in check!

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  6. Literally all but one of these are the worst bad habits I have as well. I am the biggest procrastinator and I hate it about myself! That is one if the things I’m reall working on. Along with trying to always be in control. I put way too much on myself even when I know I can’t handle it and I end up breaking. But I do it to myself! And I need to learn to cut it out! I hope you overcome these bad habits! Writing it out was the first step to success!

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  7. Indecisive is my worst enemy. I think it has a whole lot to due with my anxiety and bipolar disorder. I find that when I’m getting unwell, this is one of my markers that I need a medication adjustment. Funny how that works. My doc knows that when I struggle with simple decisions on what to wear and what to eat, I need help STAT.

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