4 Ideas To Make Your Valentine’s Gift More Personal

Now with Christmas, the new year, and the largest chunk of the years holidays behind us, the next holiday that we have to look forward to, is Valentine’s Day. For some, Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate the love they have for someone. For others, it’s a day of stress to find the perfect gift without becoming a walking cliche. Some people love getting a dozen red roses and a heart pendant accompanied by a classy dinner with red wine. If you aren’t that person, and are looking for something a little more personal to give to your Valentine this year, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas.

4 Ideas To Make Your Valentine’s Gift More Personal

Breakfast in bed
Most people leave the Valentine’s Day festivities for the evening, giving their gifts and celebrating over champagne and dinner. Surprise your sweetheart by starting the celebration as soon as they wake up, with breakfast in bed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just the simple fact that you’re serving it to them in bed (and that they don’t have to worry about cooking breakfast) will be gift enough for them. Make something simple, like overnight french toast, or pancakes topped with whipped cream and sliced strawberries. This is also an inexpensive gift, and your partner will be thinking about your birthday surprise for the rest of the day.

Try something unique this year!

Engrave it
When in doubt, get something basic with a personalized flair. Have a t-shirt or robe monogrammed with their initials. Create a custom perfume or cologne scent for them. Paint a quote onto a coffee mug. Give them a bouquet of roses, but accompany it with a handwritten note attached to each rose with a different reason why you love them. Just because you want to give them a typical Valentine’s Day gift, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! This link has some great ideas for customization that will delight your Valentine.

Try something different this year, and engrave it!

Experiences, rather than gifts
Some people really don’t like things. They like doing things, rather than receiving things. If your partner is someone who would rather be gifted an experience than a box of chocolates, than make a personalized Valentine’s Day experience for them, instead. Spend your holiday money on a five course meal at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Or spend the evening in a neighboring city, and pretend that you’re tourists. Another great experience oriented gift idea, is to give them a travel voucher for a weekend away, even if that weekend away is in the city you live in. Most people book hotels for Valentine’s Day weekend, so instead of trying to fight the crowds, give them a gift card to a romantic hotel nearby and let them pick the weekend that they want to getaway.

Give an experience this year instead of chocolates

Home items
Some people don’t want tangible gifts. If you’re going to be spending money on them, they want it to go towards practical items that they’ll be using everyday. If this sounds like your partner, don’t resent their attitude towards gift giving, and learn to embrace it instead. This type of gift giving actually saves you money in the long run, since you can gift them something practical that you know they’ll love, and it’s a practical item you won’t have to spend money on later on down the road. One great gift idea is to update home items. You might get a new toaster, or refinish the kitchen countertops. You could even refurbish an old, beloved item, as this link guides.

Some people will find the most valuable holiday gift, no matter what holiday, to be having your home clean. This sounds like something your mom would say when Mother’s Day came around every year, but there’s a reason she said it! Having to do all of the cooking or cleaning can become exhausting, so to come home to find these things already done, will be one of the greatest gifts. If this sounds like your partner, then go ahead and get them a gift card or a voucher to a local cleaning service, so they can offload the responsibility at a future date when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

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7 thoughts on “4 Ideas To Make Your Valentine’s Gift More Personal

  1. This is so cute and they are great ideas. Lmao I just need to find someone to love me first, other than my family. Keep up the amazing writing!

    Also, I sent you an email recently that you should check out *hint hint, nudge nudge*

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  2. Great info! Me & the hubby don’t usually do anything ON Valentine’s Day, due to all the people going out to dinner, etc. So we’ll go out to dinner the weekend before or after. But (hopefully) he’ll send me flowers at work and I’ll send him a cookie or fruit arrangement on that day.

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  3. I think that breakfast in bed would be the sweetest thing. I also agree that gifting experiences is far better than things! I get flowers every Valentine’s Day and I really appreciate them because fall is so dull and it perks up the house. But we don’t really do anything on the day otherwise.

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