Tell Me Something Good

This weeks edition will be fairly short as it wasn’t a very exciting week. I was plagued with a migraine Wednesday & Thursday, the pain was so bad I didn’t get out of bed.

I’d like to try Botox to see if it would have an effect on the pain. The doctor I work with does Botox injections but my insurance won’t cover it. It’s something to think about anyway.

I’d love to get YOU and other bloggers in on this too. You can email me, send a tweet, post it on my Facebook page or leave a comment. Each week I’ll add your addition to my post and I’ll also give you a shout out and link back to your preferred social media.

Tell Me Something Good

One // I picked up another part time job this week. I am really excited about it and it’ll help relieve some financial stress. I’ll be working with the woman who baby sat my brother & I; she also has a twin.

Two // Since Sunday I’ve been making smarter food choices. I fought off an Arby’s roast beef craving from Monday to Wednesday morning!

Three // Sunday afternoon I made a little time to shoot my bow and adjust the sights. I eventually made the bullseye four times.

From my lovely readers to share:
Raina from Eye-See-Scarlet shared // She hit 1,000 page views in a month and she’s only been blogging for three months!

Leah from FortBirthday shared // Her 2 year old twins are testing their survival skills by taking swimming lessons and they both are doing awesome!


7 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. Something good – I discovered an awesome treat you can have daily and boost your happiness. Mix caju milk (I chose from Alpro) around 200 mg with 2 tbs of milled chia seeds and 1 big tbs of cacao nibs! Mix it in, leave it overnight in the fridge NOT THE FREEZER, take it out and let it settle until around noon when you can enjoy the best healthy and still sweet treat! I have been doing it everyday this week. Plus it helps your stomach. But it would be most beneficial if you would eat it as a meal. not as a desert.

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  2. Wow, a two day food craving resistance? That’s impressive.

    Something(s) good: I ran 60 km this week, my furthest yet since getting a really annoying injury over 6 months ago, pain free! This is a huge deal for me, I love running more then is natural/normal/likely healthy! I made a wicked awesome curry tonight for dinner, without using a recipe. I had a heart to heart with a friend. I discovered a new speaker/book who really inspires me, which is helping me with my work rut. There was some sunshine out (after a gray and blustery week) and I got to enjoy it with my dog.

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  3. This was a great post and a wonderful idea! Thinking of something good is a fantastic thing! I wanted to thank you for liking my post about Sunshine Blogger Award. I hope that if you choose to follow my site you will like more of what I write. I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  4. I had my first migraine for the year last week. Have finally found my trigger! After transitioning to Vegan over Christmas, I haven’t had any migraines. Accidentally ate dairy last week, and within a day I had one (I used to get 20 every 6 months on average).
    Initially I thought they were hormonal, as I didn’t get them when pregnant, but I also didn’t have dairy when pregnant as it made me feel ill.
    Thank goodness for figuring it out! I was aiming towards the botox path too!

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