10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

I do a lot of things friends and family question. There is a lot more than ten things but you know, why not turn this thing into a series?? Jk, I won’t do that.

I chose the ten that I get questioned about more than most. 

10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

I’m an introvert // sure I seem cool calm and collected while I’m laughing but in reality I’m always looking at the door. I enjoy all of my friends company, I love them I do. I just like being alone in my own space.

Crowds freak me out // the world is mutating into a different place than it was when our parents were our age. It freaks me out to be around 15 strangers or more at any time. Maybe I watch too much ID Network but it’s made me cautious. I don’t know what those people are thinking or how they’re feeling; they could be simmering to attack whenever! 

Why all the hand sanitizer // you have no idea how hard it is to be a germaphobe, hah or maybe you do. Everything you touch sticks to your fingertips! Think about what you touch all day everyday.

I eat dessert first // when going to dinner I usually have a sweet treat in mind, so I order it first. If I’ve still got a little room I’ll order an entree to box up and take home. My sweet tooth pretty much rules my life.

What’s with two part times // I have two part time jobs as opposed to one full time job because things just worked out that way. I actually love it because I’m doing different jobs on different days so it breaks up the week a little.

Freelance writer // I’m trying to start a freelance writing business. I want to focus on creative writing and blog articles with advanced SEO for the time being. I love writing so much! 

Horrible car sickness // Yup, que the all natural Dramamine! This stuff is a life savor! I’ve been driving myself around since I could drive myself. I don’t like being a passenger, it’s boring over there. Matt likes giving me a break while he drives us so I always have Dramamine on hand. I didn’t the first time I rode with him and I turned a 45 minute trip into an hour 1/2. 

Why listen to songs four times // I love music with all of myself! I love all types and love finding new bands & songs (leave your favorite for me to check out). I listen to songs at least four times the first time. I do this because I listen to the words the first 2 times then the actual music the last two times.

Meditation practices // I have so much going on in my mind at this point in my life. I need a quiet place to retreat to, to find answers, to be able to focus. I get a lot of “whys” but that doesn’t bother me, it’s not really anyone else’s concern what I choose to do not to lose my mind.

Showering before a bath // I’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t shower before taking a bath, in the only person I know that does. I take a bath to relax or detox my body. I don’t want anything extra like dirt and what not in my bath with me.


52 thoughts on “10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

    1. I like taking baths to relax too, maybe that’s why I take a quick shower first – to get clean. Hmm, you’ve given me food for thought. I like the two jobs, they both end at 5:00 daily anyway but some just don’t understand it.

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  1. I soak in the bath and then shower to clean everything off. I hate when people call me. So I dont answer and most of my friends know to just hang up and text me lol

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  2. From the looks of your blog, I am pretty much sure that you’ll do great as a freelance writer. 🙂 All the things you’ve mentioned, many of use identify or have those habits. I am an introvert, hate crowds and love introspection-medication.

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  3. Nice! List made me think about how much other people don’t know about me, but also made me wonder how it is nice to hold back a couple of things to keep to myself. I think it is my way of retaining a piece of my “concerto” to keep it as part of me only……Love your blog so far. Reading quite a bit

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  4. I am the same around crowds of people. Seriously, people are just crazy. You never know what may happen or what someone is thinking. I deal with people all day at work and there is so much anger that just builds up and you never know when they are going to let loose.

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  5. Love your list.. 😊 I am an introvert too! I like how you always have an eye on the door.. I can relate to that. I love my friends and family, but I feel most comfortable being by myself.

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