Monthly Goals: June 2018

Hello June, thank you for bringing gorgeous weather, chirping birdies, and time for adventures outside! 

Who else is excited that June is here? What are your plans for this month? New months are always fun because there is a little surprise in store for each. That is the beauty of life after all, isn’t it?

Monthly Goals: June 2018 #monthly #goals #life

Monthly Goals: June 2018

Freelancing // I’d like to expand a little. Although I work 5 days every 2 weeks at the part time job I’d like to pick up another freelance client or two. I am currently working with one and I absolutely love it! I feel like I am getting my footing.

Time management // I am horrible at time management, even when I KNOW I have things to do I may wait until the last minute to get it done. So I am going to try working on this in June. I’ll try by waking up 5-10 minutes earlier each week instead of peeling myself out of bed, taking a 5 minute shower, then rushing to get dressed and head out the door.

Saying no // I’ve been practicing this very recently, to say no to things that I don’t find suit me or on days I know I need a break. I recently said no to a day out and opted for a massage. Needless to say I felt great days afterwards too.

Blog // I would one to focus on the blog too. I’d love for this month to be the best month since I’ve owned this domain. The first six months of owning it I didn’t really do anything with it, I’d like to change that. June 21st is my one year blog anniversary, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!

Meditation // I’m rather new to meditation. Though I’ve done yoga for years I’ve never gotten into meditation. People I’ve talked to who do meditate praise it, so I’m going to give it a try. With every little thought giving way to four different thoughts, I need a way to clear my mind and give it a break.

These are in no real order who has time for that, but I hope I’ll get slightly better with organizing too.


25 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: June 2018

  1. Yes!! Mediation is what I want to learn too. This month goal is to get that summa body! Hahaaha =) no, that’s working progress since time. This June will be trying to get my summer patio picked out and fixed up the backyard.
    Great post girlie!

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    1. Oh a summer patio sounds amazing! I’d love to lay out in the sun like a lizard all summer. Hah, I definitely need to work on my summer body buuut with all this good food around it’s so hard!


  2. You have some great goals for the month. My goal for this month is to definitely work on my blog more than I have been. I write out my goals monthly if I write it down I stick to it. Good luck with your blog I look forward to reading it. Also you have given me a idea for my blog post based off this post. 😉

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  3. Meditation is easier that you “think”! Ahhh get it?!?

    If you need some pointers I can help you out! 🙂 Ive been meditating for almost 3 years now. Im by no means an expert but I do have a good amount of experience and knowledge on the subject!

    Good luck on the next year of your blog!

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  4. Great goals! I need to work on time management as well. I just wrote on the blog about how I own all these planners yet never use them, so I am going to challenge myself to use it this month. I have been working on meditation for a year now. It has always been hard for me. I dived deep into it when I was in yoga teacher training last year, but I struggle so hard with it. Good luck! I hope you have an easy time with it!


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  5. Time management is most definitely in my goals for June. Lord knows I need better time management. I was reviewing what I need to get done this summer and the list is a lot bigger than I’d like. But, I know I can get it done if I just manage my time better.

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  6. I definitely need to work more on time management and saying no too! I kinda left my blog alone over the past 2-ish weeks but I’m semi-back again! 😛 Best of luck to you on your goals this month!

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