Monthly Goals: July 2018

Here we are, the Seventh month of the year. Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina, with heat indexes of 108 I’d rather walk around like Sandy Squirrel from Sponge Bob with a fish bowl full of cold water on my head. Since that isn’t a valid option I’m trying to seek out all the AC vents I can.

June was a slow month but busy with freelance. I’ve taken 2 weeks off to enjoy life and take a little breather. Which has been amazing.

I rearranged my desk and writing space, kind of an in with the old and out with the new, I felt the energy was stagnant. I love silk flowers because I can’t keep real flowers living, how gorgeous is the silk orchid??

Monthly Goals: July 2018 #silkflowers #goals #july #motivation

June’s Goals were as simple as I could make them, I don’t need anything overwhelming or super complicated to try and get through. 

I’m having a little bit of a hard time with my dad passing, I feel like the grieving process should be over? I feel like I should have already accepted that he’s in a better place with no pain than being here. I feel like I shouldn’t need to want to have conversations with him, or still have tears falling from my sore bloodshot eyes. He overcame everything else and those trails all took pieces of him with them when they left. Now I have pieces missing, I’d give anything to enjoy a banana split with him again.

Monthly Goals: July 2018 #silkflowers #goals #july #motivation

July Goals:
Acceptance // Learning to accept things I can not change not even for the life of me. 

Daily Journal // this little task use to help me so much throughout middle school even into high school. A brain dump for the day gets everything out, so I can be re-read or pondered over. 

Yoga // I’ve fallen out of the practice. I find myself staring off into nowhere at least a handful of times a day. I can’t focus and I don’t get a lot of sleep. Yoga puts me at ease, clears my mind, and helps to balance my energy.

Painting // this new one is recent, so recent I’ve only painted one thing. I love the mindset I fall into try to get the colors just right or the lines as straight as a board. Painting gives me something to focus on that drowns my anxieties. 

Read // the books I have waiting for me to crack open are stacking up on my bookshelf. I’d like to read two books this month, I think I can do it. 

Listen // everyone has select hearing from time to time and it usually only happens when it is something we just don’t want to do. I understand! I’m also talking about listening to my body as well. I’ve been feeding it greasy cheeseburgers, tacos, and ice cream. It’s been showing me it’s not pleased by weight gain, fatigue, and all around sluggishness. 

I hope July finds you all well with as much fun as you and your family can handle.


28 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: July 2018

  1. I was watching a documentary on grief a while back. The woman on it said that perceptions of what grief is have changed over the years and the old five stages of grief aren’t as realistic as originally thought. You don’t move from one to the other, it’s perfectly normally to backtrack through them from time to time.
    What really struck me is that she drew a circle on a piece of paper. When someone dies the grief fills it all. We used to think that eventually that grief got small but what they now think is that our lives simply grow around it. We never really ‘get over’ anything, we just learn to live around it.

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    1. I think I have seen that too. I forgot where I saw it but I remember the circles and the topic. I hadn’t thought about it again until right now. I think I’m going to YouTube it and watch it again. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. This is such a great and fun list of goals! I’ve recently added coloring to my daily “to do” list. I’m a big believe in the power of goal setting. Good luck with your goals!

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    1. Oh! Coloring would be awesome to add to the daily list. I think I have a few coloring books, I think you’ve just added another to my list. I’m terrible about being on my phone before bed so I may just color for an hour before bed.

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  3. Grief is tough, and there really is no time limit. I’m sorry you’re still having a really hard time and I do hope some of that eases soon.

    Good luck with all of your July goals. I hope you can get a lot of reading in! That’s something that always makes me happy. 🙂


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    1. Thank you. I was hoping a few of the goals would help too. I am adamant about doing them but some days I’m just so tired and exhausted from “feeling” all day. One day at a time though.


  4. I really like how your goals are more general goals to follow in your life. Sometimes I get discouraged when I know I won’t be fulfilling the specific goals I want to get done. About your concerns with grieving — I don’t think there’s any time limit. Everyone is different. I’m sure some days are better than others. M stepdad unexpectedly passed a few years ago and I can tell the days my mom must be thinking of him. Stay strong and true to yourself.

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  5. Hello Leslie,

    I love your idea of blogging your monthly goals! I think I want to do the same thing, hopefully it will keep me motivated and on track. I have been off track for a while now due to some issues i’ve been having but I am finally trying to get back on the wagon, as opposed to doing nothing at all lol. I found that you can have your own “paint nights” at home with some guidance from some awesome youtubers and last month my husband and oldest son sat down to do one, it was amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  6. Goals are so key. If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there? I’ve just incorporated this into my lifestyle and things seem to be getting done. Keep up the great work!

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  7. I love how you set your goals like this, and keep them loose! Our son does the same, as he suffers from anxiety and PTSD. As to grieving: the process is so personal and a little different for each of us. I hold “conversations” almost daily with my brothers and my father, all of whom I lost many years ago. They will always be there for me. Your dad will always be there for you, too.

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