3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors

These three things make my heart full! These are three things other than my family, boyfriend, and cat who I do love dearly (but they’ll have their own post).

Amidst the crazy busy, stressful, and anxiety ridden days I need an escape; that doesn’t leave a lot of time to do so. I would love to have the flexibility to cancel my schedule for that day and head out to where the sand meets the salty water but that isn’t always the best option especially if I’m expected to adult that day.

3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors #outdoors #adventure #lifestyle #life


Motorcycles // This love that attached itself to me was one I knew I never wanted to give up. On a long day a little two wheel therapy is great for clearing the mind.

Riding with a crowd or all alone feels so amazing. The fresh air coming through the face shield, the sun on your arms and back on sunny summer days, and the fear you come across when a car gets too close or you see gravel in the road way. It’s a balance that tugs both safety and security.
3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors #outdoors #adventure #lifestyle #life


Archery // When I was little I would watch my dad practice with a bow & arrows. He did it to stay conditioned for hunting but it fascinated me and I had to try it. I actually didn’t try it until my birthday (2017), I love the laser focus it takes, the sound of the arrow as it leaves the bow, and the noise that echos when it hits the bag.

I won’t be doing any hunting because I try to save all the animals and not kill them. I like using the bow because it helps me focus and is helping me learn to quiet my brain; which is a daunting task. I’m starting to get really good at it, plus – it’s a workout for my shoulders. 

3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors #outdoors #adventure #lifestyle #life


Adventure // As a Sagittarius; I love adventure and It calls me to each direction I turn. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t crave some sort of adventure but I don’t always get it. Womp womp womp. I am the only girl on both sides of my huge family so I’m so use to doing things outdoors and getting muddy.

If you’ve ever taken 3 hours out of your day to trek a mountain side up to 2,000+ feet on a sweltering 95 degree summer day then I salute you because that’s not for the faint of heart. You’ll find strength propelling yourself by rope up the side of a mountain and courage when you dive into some of the freshest water on earth that instantly chills you to the bone.

3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors #outdoors #adventure #lifestyle #life

3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors #outdoors #adventure #lifestyle #life

What’s something you enjoy doing outside? I really wished I liked camping more because I’d love it if I could just let go of the idea that I’ll get eaten by a bear (thanks anxiety). 


20 thoughts on “3 Things I Love To Do: Outdoors

  1. Definitely with ya on the motorcycle part. We are well aware of all the dangers when we mount up, but we don’t let them sit on our brain. We twist that throttle and roll down the Rd. Just us and the bike. You become one with your bike a bond is built. Walking on the fine line of life and death. What a rush. What a release. #Ride2Live

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  2. We do a ton of hunting with bow and guns. Rafting is a big one for us and just being outdoors. Never did the motorcycles tons of friends have and enjoy riding.

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  3. They look like so much fun! I’ve never been on a motorcycle but I want to give one a go some day, but I don’t think I could do it more than once. But I do love to explore the outdoors as much as I can!

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    1. I was hoping to have a little outing today but it’s raining, which I also love. I think everyone should experience the fun and thrill of a motorcycle at least once. Just to see if it’s really not for ya.


    1. My mother hates that I love motorcycles, not just any but the fast ones haha. The first photo is from Catawba Falls NC and the 2nd is from Chimney Rock in the mountains of NC. The first photo there was a trail to the right of the waterfall that lead straight up for 3.5 miles that lead to an even bigger waterfall coming from the tip top of the mountain. It was so cold you could only stay in for couple minutes. It was gorgeous.

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  4. Outdoors does a body good! I really realize how much it recharges me and the family. I love that you have to unplug and disconnect from the phone, TV, etc!

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  5. I am an outdoorsy person. Spring is my FAVORITE season for that reason! I’m not into archery but I like watching others do it. In my younger days, my husband had a motorcycle – Hybusa (sp) and I rode with him TWICE. That was my limit. I was too nervous to ride again. When our kids are all out of the house, he wants a Harley so we can go riding…like the “older” people do without kids. I want to climb a mountain but I’m afraid of heights. I would love to see the surrounding beauty from the mountaintop. Maybe one day – when the kids are gone.

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