My Guide to a Bedtime Routine

We all know how important sleep is, but too few of us actually get the high-quality sleep we need. Working at a doctor’s office, I need as much sleep as I can get, so I make sure to set aside some time to relax before bed every night to ensure that I get the best sleep I can. To help inspire you to do the same, I’m sharing my own nighttime routine.

My Guide to a Bedtime Routine #sleep #routine #daily


1. Shower/bath
I start my routine every night with a shower about an hour and a half before bedtime. It helps me relax and feel clean when crawling into my sheets. Typically about once a week, I’ll treat myself to a 30-45 minute bath with a scented bath bomb. In the winter, I’ll go out for a 30 minute walk or jog then come in to take a warm shower before crawling into bed. It makes me warm and cozy which creates the perfect sleep environment for me.

2. Skin care routine
After my shower, I wash my face to clear it of the makeup and dirt that might have accumulated on my skin during the day. Washing with warm water helps open my pores to make sure the soap can do its job most effectively. Then, I apply my facial toner and moisturizer, liquid spray tan to my legs, and moisturizer to the rest of me. I prefer to use lightweight products that smell good so I don’t feel sticky after my regimen.

My Guide to a Bedtime Routine #sleep #routine #daily

3. Practice some self-care
To unwind, I make sure to set aside some time after I’m washed to just relax. After a day spent on my feet, I like to give myself a five minute foot massage. Next, I turn off all blue light devices, including my cell phone, laptop, tablet and the TV to make sure that my sleep doesn’t get disturbed. I’ll then sit at my desk and do some writing. I like to jot down my to-do list for the next day and spend 30 minutes journaling my thoughts. I try to write everything down I’m thinking, from random thoughts to things I’ve been pondering all day, usually with a little perspective splashed in there to help reflect on the day.

4. Prepare for the morning
Even though I only wear scrubs to work, I like to pick out my clothes for the next morning the night before. It helps save me those extra few minutes to move slowly or sip my coffee and leaves me pretty carefree once I climb into bed for the night.

5. Meditation/Yoga
To round out the evening, I usually take 15 minutes to do a little meditation and my bedtime yoga routine. It helps me rest my mind and clear it of all the stress of the previous day. I always feel rejuvenated and at ease after dedicating just a few minutes to this.

My Guide to a Bedtime Routine #sleep #routine #daily


6. Say goodnight
When I finally crawl into bed, I tell my cat goodnight, turn on my ceiling fan, and I’m out like a light. I’ve been getting some of my best sleep in recent years, and I’m sure that these few extra steps that I take for myself are an investment in my sleep, and therefore, overall wellness.

I hope some of my routine has encouraged you to carve out some extra time before bed just for yourself. Whether it’s stretching before getting into bed, investing in a cozier mattress, or listening to a sleep playlist, I’d love to hear what tricks you use before bed to get better sleep!


21 thoughts on “My Guide to a Bedtime Routine

  1. It sounds a bit strange, but I talk to myself before I go to bed. Apart from the physical stuff (a shower, making sure I have water handy, and just the right amount of light for me to not be plunged in darkness but not have a flash right on my eyes), talking out loud to myself about everything I’m currently worrying about. It’s like a minute or five of therapy to get it all out there before bedtime.

    I’ll definitely have to add a skincare routine to my nights as well. Great post!

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  2. A routine has really helped me feel less stressed in my week. Then I can actually fall asleep with less on my mind. I like the idea of a jog then a warm shower. I usually workout in the morning then shower..may be a consideration to switch it up then I do not have to rush! Thanks for the great points!

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  3. I love the idea of meditating right before bed. Often times the moment I lay down my mind starts racing. I’m going to take this advice to heart. ❤


  4. I really need to get a better bedtime routing going! I’m a night owl and I like it, but I think it would be better physically to shift to be a morning person.


  5. Great routine you have in place, not sure if I could do all that every night but I guess we have to figure out what best works for us. I would probably need something even smpler. Thank you for the tips though as this does help with making our own routine.

    D, xo || from

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  6. Great tips. I have been working to create a better night time routine for myself recently, so this is a timely read! I think being able to prepare for the next day is helpful also!

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