It’s Time To Chime

It’s been about 3 weeks since I left my full time job to become a full time freelance writer, between thoughts of losing everyday and days where I bust out 6-7 articles I’m still trying to keep money in mind. I still have a lot of bills that need paying on a weekly basis, so there shouldn’t be any downtime for me; for a while anyway.

It’s Time To Chime #banking #freelancer #business #smallbusiness

I’m trying to figure it all out, still working out the kinks but I know this is a learning curve as I’ve never worked for myself before. I knew I needed to have a separate account for my freelance writing business so I started to look around, I found Chime which is a mobile banking app. Everything i was reading was exactly what i needed, with Chime there is no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance requirements, and no transfer fees. Chime also helps me save with the round up transfers when I shop or get paid, which will come in handy for a new laptop! They recently created a graphic with some tips on how to save money this year. Check it out it below.

It’s Time To Chime #banking #freelancer #business #smallbusiness

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited and scared simultaneously in my life, it’s truly exhilarating. My anxiety rings in from time to time to make sure I know it’s still around but I try and brush it off. If I get too overwhelmed with my tasks I will take a break, go for a walk, or scroll through Twitter. I always set an alarm though, which has pretty much become my life. I set alarms for all kinds of things now like to wake me up in the morning, to keep up with the articles I write so I can stay on schedule, while I’m taking a walk, and even one to let me know it’s bedtime. Each sounds different so I don’t drive myself crazy but they’re there like little ticking time bombs.

If you work for yourself how do you keep track of your spending/expenses? What do you do during your workday do you don’t get burnt out? (so you don’t get burnt out)



19 thoughts on “It’s Time To Chime

  1. Congratulations. It is a big accomplishment to be self employed. Although I’m not there yet I am constantly watching my expenses.
    I am a bartender and my money is never consistent. For that reason I write down all my expenses for the month out on paper and figured out how much I need to cover everything and everyday that I work I track how much I make. I do this to see what can I work with it and plan ahead . As long as you have a idea of what you’re working with you will be fine. Good luck with everything.

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  2. What an awesome adventure you’ve embarked on!
    I do check ins with myself a few times a day. Just to see where I’m at mentally and work on anything before it gets overwhelming. I also go for a walk and take a coffee break, religiously 🙂

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  3. I have alarms too- and yes- one for bedtime. I’m excited for you. I’m working full time and trying to write- it was half term this week and I have loved being in control of my time and writing. Keep us posted.

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  4. Thanks Leslie for the support

    What did you get from Ashes of Ruins could you sense that they have struggle with their own demons ? Because whether you choose to admit or try run from like others darkness lives within us .

    When you see the hand meets the paper and words that transpire with heartbeat of the quill so. They become as one its like seeing reflection of yourself and most intimate thoughts every quake , pulse of your desires comes alive .

    Well done never be afraid to let raw compassion to be one with the quill together as a complete entity they tell epic journey .

    A P E X

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  5. Congratulations Leslie. At one point, you just can’t ignore the calling any longer.
    The ticking time bombs don’t follow me around. I don’t like alarms, or beeps…. I just keep a trained eye on the clock !
    Have a restful weekend, don’t forget to stop working !

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  6. Good for you Leslie! That’s a huge step. I wish you well. As for me, I typically do the same with my timer. I only work one hour at a time and then take a break, but this is more so for my dry eye so I don’t stare endlessly at the computer.

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  7. That’s great news Leslie! Especially the fact that you love what you’re doing. I usually set an alarm for the things I need to do and it’s getting really busy for me as I’ve just set up a youtube channel. Commitment sure wins though😊

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  8. Very exciting news. I know how that feels. I’ve worked for myself many different times over the years. It’s amazing if you can pull it off. I’m still building my writing up to make money with it but am in no rush. Glad to see someone taking the plunge. Not too many people use a timer. Good stuff. Work hard and smart, try not to waste your time on crap jobs, keep writing. Good luck!

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      1. I am inspired! I am in the process of drawing inward to get in touch with what I really want/need/desire in my career. I hope when I listen well and discover what I truly feel called to do that I will be as brave as you!!

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