The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy

We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. What I mean by that is that it wasn’t very long ago that humans were spending the majority of their time outside farming, hunting, gathering, and traveling. Of course, we have come a long way since then, and now studies have shown that the average American spends around 96% of their life indoors. Between houses, buildings, and automobiles, people usually spend as little time outdoors as they can, only using their outdoor time to move between buildings and automobiles.

Most people would agree that this change has been for the better—we no longer need to worry very much about severe weather, such as snow or wind, and we are able to regulate the temperatures of our surroundings to make us more comfortable. While there are a lot of benefits that come with living indoors, humans are naturally outdoor creatures. There is a part of us that longs to be outdoors, and spending more time outside can be very beneficial.
The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy

The benefits that come from spending time outdoors are significant and beneficial enough that some forms of therapy incorporate spending time in nature into their treatment programs. Nature therapy offers some incredible benefits that are not found elsewhere. There is something about spending time outdoors that is therapeutic. Here are some of the life-changing effects of nature therapy.

The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy #therapy #nature #selfcare #lifestyle

Lowers Levels of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Spending time in nature can have significant impacts on mental health. Nature therapy has been shown to decrease levels of stress, depression, and anxiety by lowering levels of cortisol, a chemical that has been linked to stress. Additionally, there are essential oils and certain scents that are found in nature that have a calming and uplifting effect on the body as well. Lavender is one of these. Lavender is often used in aromatherapy to relax the body and induce sleep.The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy

Teaches New Skills

Nature therapy does not consist solely of standing outside doing nothing. Often, nature therapy programs consist of outdoor activities and adventures that teach the participants new skills. Some of these skills include skiing, horseback riding, archery, mountaineering, and more. Learning new skills has been shown to increase happiness and confidence, as well as strengthening a person’s determination.
The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy

Replaces Bad Habits

It is well-known that the best way to rid oneself of a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. Because of this, substance abuse rehabilitation programs often use adventure therapy as part of their treatment modalities. Not only does spending time outdoors prevent the recovering addicts from abusing substances, but it also acts as a replacement habit that they can use to cope with their emotions without needing to depend on drugs or alcohol.

Fosters Good Qualities

People who engage in nature therapy and the outdoor activities that are a part of nature therapy naturally develop good qualities. Integrity, dependability, and maturity are some of these. The challenges they face during their adventures are real and demanding, and they often require teamwork, thoughtfulness, creativity, and determination to solve. Because the participants are engaging in real-world activities that test their grit, they naturally develop or strengthen many other good qualities that will benefit other aspects of their lives as well.

Teaches Responsibility

Nature therapy is often used for behavioral reformation programs that work with teenagers and young adults. Part of the reason is that it teaches responsibility. Many teenagers and young adults do not understand responsibility or refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Nature therapy is a way for them to learn the importance of responsibility in a fun and non-threatening way.

Strengthens Interpersonal Skills

Many people have problems with developing and/or maintaining interpersonal relationships. People with mental health problems or substance abuse addictions are especially impaired in this department. Because the activities that nature therapies organize involve so much teamwork and communication, participating in nature therapy strengthens interpersonal skills. This is an incredible benefit because interpersonal skills are important to have for every aspect of a person’s life.


16 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Effects of Nature Therapy

  1. I live in Michigan and there is so much to see and do here as far as nature goes. This year we are planning on taking a trip and unplugging from all of our electronics and connecting with nature instead. I need something like that in my life. I am way too obsessed with my phone. I suffer from anxiety and depression as well and I feel that getting out and experiencing more will ease up on the anxiety and depression.

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    1. Hi ! Giveitawhirlgirl. Have you tried gardening ? Going out for a walk every morning whatever the weather ? Springtime is the season to connect with all living things wood. So try hugging a tree. You lay your forehead on the tree bark, then hug it with your whole arms and your torso. Sounds stupid but it works , you feed off the tree’s energy, its rising sap. Have a lovely Sunday.

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  2. I love doing stuff outdoors. I hadn’t thought of skiing as nature therapy until now, though! And it totally makes sense. We always go to one resort and from our favorite slopes, we can see Mt. Rainier if it’s bluebird and the mountain’s out 🙂 I just love getting outdoors and being more active. It makes me feel better!

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  3. I agree so much with your post. Whenever I’m feeling down or a bit stuck, I try to just get outside for a bit and it makes all the difference. Daily time in nature is a must for my kids too. I love taking them on hikes and seeing what we can find!

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  4. I totes agree with this post! I love doing outdoorsy things sometimes. It’s always a great chance to escape and reconnect anytime you’re feeling disconnected from yourself. The last time I did a weekend camp out and I swore it was just what I needed away from my hella hectic life. Great post hun! 😀

    xx Lena |

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  5. I never even thought that nature could have such great and important effects on our lives! I know that it’s good to get out in nature, but had no idea of the many benefits!

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  6. To learn that “the average American spends around 96% of their life indoors” is quite shocking. Nature really is hugely grounding, relaxing, and healthy, it has so many benefits that we miss out on when we’re confined to concrete boxes and cars. Wonderful post that’s made me want to go for a walk in the park! xx

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  7. I am an outdoor person. I get totally out of sorts when I cannot spend time walking dogs at the park, riding my horse, paddle boarding, reading outside in the sun, hiking or even sitting in the patio before or after work.

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  8. I was just thinking about this today as I hiked our mountain.

    There are so many things that you can’t get “inside”. You can’t feel the breeze, you can’t smell the magnolia blossoms, you cans hear the rippling brooks, nor can you experience the subtle sounds, sensations, and smells of the out of doors.

    Get outdoors!
    Every day!


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