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Hi there! I’m Leslie and I’m the mastermind & editor behind Leslie Nichole. I’m a loud, picky, sarcastic, latte addicted, crafty, half marathon running, baker that lives on the East Coast. I am a 30 something gal trying to take on the world. I love music, cartoons & animation-ed adventures, baking, doing crafts, playing with my FURbabie Quinn, & hanging out with my amazing friends (usually around a glass of great wine and the occasional board game). I’m a fun loving person with tons of energy. I love nights, preferably cold winter nights. I love sweatshirts and toe socks hiding out under a blanket watching the I.D Network.

I graduated as a pastry chef in 2010 but i spend my days freelance writing, I love words so it is the perfect job! Even though this isn’t what i intended to do when i started pastry art’s it’s ok. I love life and i will take the good with the bad because its the life i was meant to have.


Mission Statement

Leslie Nichole is a lifestyle blog. The articles you see here are always going to be about life, sweet treats, and mental illness such as anxiety. Leslie Nichole’s meaning for existing is to help understand anxiety, create or bake sweet treats, and the amazing details of yoga benefits. There is a way to sustain a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in those sweet temptations.

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