5 Simple Things To Know When Moving In With Your Significant Other

5 Simple Things To Know When Moving In With Your Significant Other

Moving in with a significant other is certainly an exciting step in a relationship, but it can also be a stressful one. There are bills to cover, chores to divide and suddenly you’re faced with a lot less alone time than you’re used to. One of the biggest stresses you might not expect can be trying to find a way to peacefully blend your decor into one cohesive look. But it is possible to create a space you’ll both love without ripping each other’s heads off. These are a few quick tips for surviving the process!

5 Simple Things To Know When Moving In With Your Significant Other #relationship #moving #life

Upcycle Your New Style
Blending styles certainly doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new furniture to make it fit your new decor. There are plenty of easy DIY solutions to upcycle your current pieces and create a customized look. My post on the basics of upcycling furniture should be a great guide to help you get started on transforming your existing furniture. Going thrift shopping together can also be a fun way to find unique pieces to make over together that will work for your new place.

Give Their Style A Chance
An important tip throughout this process is to not write off your partner’s style right away. Even if their suggestions seem kooky or out there, give them a chance to show you their ideas and really consider if they’ll work in your home. You might find yourself liking some of their ideas that normally wouldn’t be up your alley. Moving in together is a great chance to expose yourself to new ways of doing things, including home decor.

Get Professional Help
Trying to figure out how to blend your classic, girly style with your boyfriend’s masculine, industrial tastes can sound impossible, but the good news is there are professionals out there who can help. Enlist the help of an online interior designer who can create a design that blends both of your decor preferences. They might even help you discover a brand new aesthetic you can both fall in love with that you never would’ve considered before. Best of all, they can be the ones who break it to your partner that his ratty Scarface poster from college isn’tgoing to work for the design in your new shared space.

Agree On A Color Palette
You can make two very different design styles work cohesively in one room with a unified color palette. Check out what colors you’re both already drawn to in your decor or use a color scheme generator to create a palette you can come to an agreement on. Once you’ve done this, it will be easier to incorporate decor pieces in a united way, even if your preferred styles are wildly different.
Pick Your Battles
You’re not going to be able to get your way on every design choice so talk to your partner about which spaces in your home are most important to you. Maybe you couldn’t care less about place settings, but creating a serene bathroom is important to your sanity. Or you know that your significant other will spend a lot of time in the office, but you prefer to work in the living room. These things will help you decide who should get the final say on certain decisions and avoid unnecessary arguments. Being open about what’s important to you and what isn’t will be key in creating a balanced style that represents both of you equally!


How To Bust Through Your Brain Fog And Claim Your Life Back

How To Bust Through Your Brain Fog And Claim Your Life Back

Have you ever battled with a cloudy feeling in your head that may, or may not, be coupled with confusion, and forgetfulness? This feeling of mental confusion and lack of clarity is known as brain fog and you are not alone in battling with it. While brain fog is often associated with older people, a study conducted by researchers from UCLA found that as many as 14% of individuals aged between 18 and 39 also battle with it on occasion. Not only is it extremely frustrating when you can’t think clearly, but it can have a deleterious effect on your productivity as well. Luckily there are a number of simple yet highly effective steps you can take to clarify your mind and boost your productivity, even while sitting behind your desk. Here are a few effective ways to combat brain fog.

How To Bust Through Your Brain Fog And Claim Your Life Back #brainfog #life #lifestyle

Sit up straight
If you are prone to sitting for extended periods of time make sure you sit with your knees at a 90° angle and position your feet flat on the floor while keeping your back straight.  Sitting in this position will not only strengthen your core muscles but improves your circulation as well which has been proven to support your active brain function. Make a point of standing up, even if just for a minute or two, every half hour that you sit down to counter the effects of prolonged sitting.  Take a short walk during your lunch break at work, preferably outside where you can get some fresh air and be exposed to sunshine which will not only clear your brain fog but boost your mood as well.

Cut down on the sugar and starches
Food and drinks that are high in sugar are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to inducing brain fog.  Carbs and starches have a similar effect, especially if you are sedentary for most of the day and don’t burn off the excess calories consumed.  Instead of eating unhealthy take-out meals and snacks, pack your own healthy lunches and make sure to drink plenty of water every day to keep your body well-hydrated as dehydration is known to lead to fatigue, causing your brain fog to worsen.

Make your own brain fog-busting shot
Turmeric, which contains curcumin, boasts a large number of anti-inflammatory properties and also increased the levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which can boost your brain function to a great extent.  To make your own brain-boosting shot simply mix ½ teaspoon turmeric with an equal amount of black pepper and add to an ounce of water and the juice of one lemon.  According to Dr. Mike Dow, the author of “The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks”, this combination will help reduce your brain fog while reducing your chances of contracting dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life.
How To Bust Through Your Brain Fog And Claim Your Life Back #brainfog #life #lifestyle

Despite how debilitating brain fog may seem, it is good to know that there are countless ways to counter it and claim your productivity and zest for life back. If you, however, suspect that your mind fog is due to an underlying condition though, it is best to seek professional medical advice to have it seen to as soon as possible. With your brain fog banished, you might surprise even yourself at just how much you are able to accomplish.

Beginning Steps for Going Green

Beginning Steps for Going Green

Becoming environmentally conscious isn’t something that just happens overnight. It’s more of a process or a journey that happens step-by-step. However, as more and more people continue to start living green, the ecological benefits of sustainable living are starting to compound for society. These types of changes don’t happen overnight, but when enough people start deciding to make a difference, it controls the momentum of the narrative of our society. Here are some tips for making the transition to green living…

Beginning Steps for Going Green #Environmental #GoGreen

Buy reusable bags
We go through an astonishingly high number of plastic grocery bags every year. In America alone, we use about 100 billion plastic shopping bags, every year. Not only is that a lot of plastic that is filling up the landfill, but it also takes a large amount of oil to produce that much plastic. Roughly 12-13 million barrels of oil is needed to produce those plastic bags. The sad reality about these facts is that a large number of the grocery sacks that we use are plastic. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Using reusable shopping bags can help cut down on the overall number of plastic bags used by Americans, which can make grocery shopping a more sustainable experience.
Beginning Steps for Going Green #Environmental #GoGreen

Find ways to improve your gas mileage
If you thought the number of plastic shopping bags that Americans use is alarming, then get a load of how much gasoline we burn through. Each year, Americans use over 142 billion gallons of gasoline in just their vehicles. This doesn’t go into heating for houses and businesses either. This doesn’t mean that you need to push your family sedan into a ditch and buy a Tesla. You can start to cut back on the amount of gasoline that your vehicle needs by doing very simple maintenance on it, such as using tires with good tread or getting the oil changed regularly.

Use reusable building materials for home projects
Using plastic is generally a practice that isn’t very green, and yet it is something that we use in nearly every facet of our lives. One example of this is when we are building our homes, when plastic composite materials are starting to show up in a variety of home projects. When you’re thinking about diving into a home improvement project, such as building your new deck, opt to go for wood, or even materials for a salvage yard, rather than using plastic lumber or similar materials.
Beginning Steps for Going Green #Environmental #GoGreen

Go paperless
Do you go to your mailbox almost every day and walk back inside with a large clump of letters that you then need to dig through? Probably, if you’re like most Americans. And the worst part is that there are very rarely any actual letters, which can actually be exciting to get. In junk mail alone, Americans receive nearly 70 pounds of paper to their house, each year. This adds up to a whole lot of horrible waste, and can stop by simply contacting the company that sends the junk mail and asking to be taken off their mailing list. Likewise, speaking with your bank, utility company, or other financial institutions and asking to go paperless can help you cut back on the amount of paper waste that you generate.

Use reusable water bottles
We’re back to plastic, where around 38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away each year, as opposed to the 12 billion that are recycled, on average. This billions of pounds of plastic waste that ends up in oceans and landfills, every year. One of the simplest steps that you can take towards going green is to simply buy a reusable water bottle and fill it up when you need to stay hydrated, rather than wasting a totally new plastic bottle every time you get thirsty. Like many other options to go green, this won’t only help you be more environmentally friendly, but will actually help you save money throughout the year.
Beginning Steps for Going Green #Environmental #GoGreen

Monthly Goals: June 2018

Monthly Goals: June 2018

Hello June, thank you for bringing gorgeous weather, chirping birdies, and time for adventures outside! 

Who else is excited that June is here? What are your plans for this month? New months are always fun because there is a little surprise in store for each. That is the beauty of life after all, isn’t it?

Monthly Goals: June 2018 #monthly #goals #life

Monthly Goals: June 2018

Freelancing // I’d like to expand a little. Although I work 5 days every 2 weeks at the part time job I’d like to pick up another freelance client or two. I am currently working with one and I absolutely love it! I feel like I am getting my footing.

Time management // I am horrible at time management, even when I KNOW I have things to do I may wait until the last minute to get it done. So I am going to try working on this in June. I’ll try by waking up 5-10 minutes earlier each week instead of peeling myself out of bed, taking a 5 minute shower, then rushing to get dressed and head out the door.

Saying no // I’ve been practicing this very recently, to say no to things that I don’t find suit me or on days I know I need a break. I recently said no to a day out and opted for a massage. Needless to say I felt great days afterwards too.

Blog // I would one to focus on the blog too. I’d love for this month to be the best month since I’ve owned this domain. The first six months of owning it I didn’t really do anything with it, I’d like to change that. June 21st is my one year blog anniversary, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!

Meditation // I’m rather new to meditation. Though I’ve done yoga for years I’ve never gotten into meditation. People I’ve talked to who do meditate praise it, so I’m going to give it a try. With every little thought giving way to four different thoughts, I need a way to clear my mind and give it a break.

These are in no real order who has time for that, but I hope I’ll get slightly better with organizing too.

6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet

6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet

Moving, even if it’s a simple move across town, is a stressful event. The more people that you include in the equation, the harder and more difficult that it gets. Moving alone is hard, but then add a partner or friend, children, or pets, and it can get really overwhelming really fast. Especially when it comes to pets, it can be hard for them to understand what is going on. Often, a pet feels scared and unsure of what is happening during the moving process. This distress can be hard for them to adjust to your new home together. If you’re worried about the effect that moving may have on your pet, here are a few tips for an easy move with a pet.

6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet #home #pet #family #moving

Ensure your new home is pet friendly
When trying to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during a move, it’s so important to make sure that there is a welcoming home waiting for them at the end of the move. Take a few extra moments before the move, to make sure that your new home is pet friendly so they can get comfortable in their new environment right away. Things like a doggie door and a fenced backyard will make sure that your furry friend enjoys their new home, as well as has an opportunity to relieve themselves at the end of a long drive.
6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet #pet #family

Drive your pet in your car with you
Whether you usually put your pet in a carrier or kennel in the car, or they are happy to sit next to you with their head out the window, make sure you bring your pet in your car with you. This will keep them comfortable during the transition process. A new home and environment is scary enough without having to add a strange car ride with a stranger or in a moving van.
6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet #pets #family

Pack them an overnight bag
This may sound a little overkill, as it’s not like your pet needs a toothbrush and a change of clothes for their first night in their new home. However, your pet will need food, their food and water bowls, as well as bedding, as soon as you arrive at your new home. Packing a little bag with all of their essentials will help them realize that this is their new home, because their things are there. Other great things to include in their overnight bag are kitty litter, favorite toys, and grooming tools such as a brush.

Keep your pet away during the move
For the sanity of your pet, you should keep them away from the moving process. It’s stressful to them to see you packing up everything they are familiar with. It’s not unusual for them to get rowdy and act out, as they may feel like you are abandoning them. It’s recommended that your pet stay with a friend or in their kennel/carrier in a quiet room of the home, away from all of the chaos.

Update their info and contact their vet
When you move, make sure that you update their microchip information with your new address. If you’ve moved far enough away that you need a new vet, ask your current vet for recommendations of vets in your new area. You can also ask to have all of your pets medical information and prescriptions sent to your new vet. This helps avoid any lapse of treatment and keeps your new vet in the loop of any preexisting conditions your pet may have.
6 Tips for an Easy Move With a Pet #family #pet

Don’t let your pet out without a leash
With the exception of fenced yards, don’t let your pet outside of your new home without a leash. Even if your pet is usually very docile and has never attempted to escape before, the new environment can be frightening and cause your pet to try to escape to try to return to their previous home. It can take months for your pet to feel comfortable in their new environment, so be patient with them during this transition as they get to know their new space.

It’s a new space for your pet and some pets aren’t very good with change, so anything like a comfy comfortable bed and an all natural treat may help them to settle in a little easier.

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10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

I do a lot of things friends and family question. There is a lot more than ten things but you know, why not turn this thing into a series?? Jk, I won’t do that.

I chose the ten that I get questioned about more than most. 

10 Things People Don’t Understand About Me

I’m an introvert // sure I seem cool calm and collected while I’m laughing but in reality I’m always looking at the door. I enjoy all of my friends company, I love them I do. I just like being alone in my own space.

Crowds freak me out // the world is mutating into a different place than it was when our parents were our age. It freaks me out to be around 15 strangers or more at any time. Maybe I watch too much ID Network but it’s made me cautious. I don’t know what those people are thinking or how they’re feeling; they could be simmering to attack whenever! 

Why all the hand sanitizer // you have no idea how hard it is to be a germaphobe, hah or maybe you do. Everything you touch sticks to your fingertips! Think about what you touch all day everyday.

I eat dessert first // when going to dinner I usually have a sweet treat in mind, so I order it first. If I’ve still got a little room I’ll order an entree to box up and take home. My sweet tooth pretty much rules my life.

What’s with two part times // I have two part time jobs as opposed to one full time job because things just worked out that way. I actually love it because I’m doing different jobs on different days so it breaks up the week a little.

Freelance writer // I’m trying to start a freelance writing business. I want to focus on creative writing and blog articles with advanced SEO for the time being. I love writing so much! 

Horrible car sickness // Yup, que the all natural Dramamine! This stuff is a life savor! I’ve been driving myself around since I could drive myself. I don’t like being a passenger, it’s boring over there. Matt likes giving me a break while he drives us so I always have Dramamine on hand. I didn’t the first time I rode with him and I turned a 45 minute trip into an hour 1/2. 

Why listen to songs four times // I love music with all of myself! I love all types and love finding new bands & songs (leave your favorite for me to check out). I listen to songs at least four times the first time. I do this because I listen to the words the first 2 times then the actual music the last two times.

Meditation practices // I have so much going on in my mind at this point in my life. I need a quiet place to retreat to, to find answers, to be able to focus. I get a lot of “whys” but that doesn’t bother me, it’s not really anyone else’s concern what I choose to do not to lose my mind.

Showering before a bath // I’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t shower before taking a bath, in the only person I know that does. I take a bath to relax or detox my body. I don’t want anything extra like dirt and what not in my bath with me.

High On A Rock – Raven Rock

High On A Rock – Raven Rock

Being a Sagittarius I love an adventure! As girly as I am I still love being outside with the Mother Nature. 

The sun is coming out to play more since it’s May (it’s cliche but how did we get here so fast?!) and I love to feel it on my face and skin.

Matt & I were both in the mood for an adventure a few weekends ago but I had work on Friday and he had to work on Sunday.

We formed a plan! 

I let him do the leg work as I was exhausted from what life had been throwing at me all week. He came to me with the Idea of Raven Rock, I knew nothing about it just that it was outdoors, sounded cool, and was only about an hour 1/2 drive.

I packed the new cutest back pack I had with essentials like water, Lara Bars, Aleve, bandaids, Gatorade, and a mandala blanket. I like to make sure every base is covered because ya never know, right? Matt laughs at me.

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

Matt had done a little research but I had no idea what to expect. The day was gorgeous and a ton of people had the same idea as us. In the camp ground you could smell hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill which had me salivating at one point. We pulled out a blueberry muffin Lara Bar and started the 5 mile trek to the rock.

The trails are clearly marked with color coded reflectors depending on which trail you happen to be following. I was impressed and at ease with this (I’m terrified of being lost in the woods!). 

For the steeper sections huge wooden planks were added for more traction along with support going up or coming down. 

There were two Boy Scout groups we passed with the big packs carrying walking sticks and munching on granola bars.

Matt & I sat by the stream listening to the sound of the water flowing as the other adventurist followed the winding trail. 

The day was perfect and the top of the rock made it so memorable! The trees had gigantic root systems that even formed out of the ground and the cliffs that were ages old that hung over us while we sat around like lizards on the warm rocks. 

It was so much fun my phone mainly stayed in the backpack but I did manage to get a few photos.

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock


Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

In morocco, colorful rainbow and High Mountains, Spice Markets, this beautiful portion of the world can be overwhelming. Situated 13 kilometers or it can be eight miles, measured from the coast of Spain, Morocco is a cultural countrywhich blends the traditions of Eastern magic, European aptitudeand Berber custom.

Since 2002, Tourism has more than doubled up in holidays to fez morocco and about was reached nearly 10 million visitors in 2011. In the reign of King Mohammed VI, he desires to rise the annual visitor numbers to 18 million by 2020.

Many things are mysterious yet in Morocco and often many are unable to see them, before going to morocco, some important things you must know:


Cafes dominate life in Tangier:

The key place to socialize, for many visitors in Morocco at least, cafes are the best part for this purpose. Gathering in such places and having drinks, sweet mint tea and watching the other people who are involved in the amusement. In the beautiful city of morocco, Tangier has a long history of literary bohemianism and illegal goings-on, but thanks to it’s ranking in between 1923 to 1956.  With the counting of 800 plus cafes, this city is veryfamous among visitors where saw-writer, rock stars, and eccentrics flock.

There are two cafes which are very well-known and are named as Cafe Hafa (Ave Hadi Mohammed Tazi), which is overseeingthe Strait of Gibraltar, was a beloved retreat of Tangier’s most renowned expat, writer, and composer Paul Bowles.

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

The other is Smoky and slightly jumpy, Cafe Baba (1 rue Sidi-Hosni) is the calmest spot in the Kasbah of Tangier. A photo of Keith Richards, kif-pipe in hand, still decorates the grimy walls.

Ancient places:

Now if we talk about the Morocco places, especially the Mosques, Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, usually open for non-Muslims also. Situated in a prime location over the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque was finished in 1993 and can embrace 105,000 participants inside and out. With the expertise and Practice, sit side by side with colorful zellij tricky stucco, mosaic tiles), and imprinted cedar enhancing the folding roof and heated flooring.

Don’t get stuck in Marrakech & Sahara:

 The most ancient and beautiful red city is Marrakech which is admissible popular, but there’s so much more to experience.There is another ancient city, Fez tops the list for its puzzling Medina, the excellent foodie scene and World Sacred Music which held once every year.

There’s the desert town of Merzouga where a slice of the Sahara is near the impressive Erg Chebbi sand dunes (possibly considered the highest dunes in the Sahara), accessible via camel treks.

Sandy soft Beaches will love laid-back Essaouira and Sidi Ifni on the Atlantic shoreline, while surfers in the water with the Oceanic waves often head south to Taghazout in morocco holidays.

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

Hiking between the famous Berber villages & Sahara dunes in the hot season and also the trekking in the High Atlas or head to the blue-hued Andalusian town of Chefchaouen to discover thebeautiful Rif Mountains.

Moulay Idriss is Morocco’s holiest town and for quiet observation, it’s really hard to beat the beautiful experience of alifetime in Morocco holidays. Plus, you’ll have the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis attractive and much wanted for adventurous visitors.

Author Bio:

Hi, this is Maria from UK, I am travel blogger, who love writing original and quality content on the exotic destinations around the world. It is an honor for me if some traveler could get a guideline on choosing cheap holiday packages to morocco or any other travel tips and tricks. I have been through all the packing and travel relevant experiences, so, I would be glad if my idea could inspire someone.

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