5 Self Love Tips For Beginners

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Are you having a hard time loving yourself? If you’ve thought about it and your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Self love can easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Self love is very important as it helps in decision making, how you cope with things going on in life, and the friends you choose.

5 Self Love Tips For Beginners #selflove #selfcare #Confidence

Forgive yourself // this is a big one for me; we are all human and we all make mistakes. No one can change the past so instead of carrying it around acknowledge that “thing” then forgive yourself and let it go. No one is perfect, be less hard on yourself instead of nitpicking. 

Practice self care // self care can be minutes, hours, or days the choice is up to you. Your self care can be a routine you do weekly, on the weekend, or nightly. I love turning off my lights and turning on my himalayan salt lamp, the glow, it’s so relaxing. I add a few drops of lavender oil to my diffuser to help relax my mind. Something as small as taking a walk for fresh air can improve the mood you’re in or it can be larger like purchasing a new bra that helps to make you feel confident.

Learn to live intentionally // when you do things with intention you get the best results, right? Why not live your life the same way. If your intention is to have a healthy life, you’ll choose supporting decisions that are healthier like taking the stairs or eating fruits over sweets. If you see yourself accomplishing the decisions you’ve made then you’ll feel better about yourself. The intention doesn’t have to be crystal clear, it all starts with a pebble sized thought that can turn into a snowball.

Practice mindfulness // when you’re mindful you know what you want and how you feel. Be mindful about who you are rather than who you think people want you to be. 

Take the compliment // instead of rejecting the compliment or saying something negative instead say “thank you”. I struggled with this for so long, i had no idea that it was off putting when i replied with what i thought was wrong about myself or situation. I understand how uncomfortable it can be. I love giving compliments! I think there is so much hate in the world that a compliment can turn someone’s day around and make them smile. Think about it, you wouldn’t hand out a compliment if you didn’t mean it, right? If you’re uncomfortable or don’t know what to say then just say “thank you” and smile.

If you practice these self love tips you’ll be on your way to being your true self, you can find more self care tips and learn to enjoy the free time you have made for yourself. You only get one life to be you, so why not be the you – you were meant to be. Everyone is unique and beautiful, the sooner you realize this the sooner you’ll be your best self.


Lets Kick Negative Talk

Lets Kick Negative Talk

This is a sticky subject for me as i have dealt with it myself since i was a teenager. One moment you feel like your on top of the world but the next moment it’s almost like your 6ft under ground.

Let’s Kick The Negative Talk #confidence #lifestylebloggers #motivation #love #selfesteem

Let’s get real..

Sometimes we don’t like ourselves. We could have done better on promoting our work, this mornings run, last nights tennis round, or devouring that cupcake for lunch faster.

Let’s kick the negative talk!

Sure, you have friends.  They are everywhere and they complement your hair, nails, the fact you did your makeup and look like an honorable member of society.


I get it

I do. Sometimes you just look at yourself in the mirror and totally downgrade yourself with thoughts like (or maybe you talk to your cat) “you’ve gained some weight”, “oh you can’t go for a run but you can binge watch “How To Get Away With Murder” for 3 hours”, “you bombed that 2,500 word essay genius”.

We all do it, even that friend that you think is perfect and secretly wish she’d fall and break her stiletto and pinky toe. Don’t be like that.

We as women should believe in and empower one another. The world is hard enough as it is!

Let’s kick the negative talk!

You are going to be by your side for the rest of your life, so you’d better like yourself.