High On A Rock – Raven Rock

High On A Rock – Raven Rock

Being a Sagittarius I love an adventure! As girly as I am I still love being outside with the Mother Nature. 

The sun is coming out to play more since it’s May (it’s cliche but how did we get here so fast?!) and I love to feel it on my face and skin.

Matt & I were both in the mood for an adventure a few weekends ago but I had work on Friday and he had to work on Sunday.

We formed a plan! 

I let him do the leg work as I was exhausted from what life had been throwing at me all week. He came to me with the Idea of Raven Rock, I knew nothing about it just that it was outdoors, sounded cool, and was only about an hour 1/2 drive.

I packed the new cutest back pack I had with essentials like water, Lara Bars, Aleve, bandaids, Gatorade, and a mandala blanket. I like to make sure every base is covered because ya never know, right? Matt laughs at me.

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

Matt had done a little research but I had no idea what to expect. The day was gorgeous and a ton of people had the same idea as us. In the camp ground you could smell hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill which had me salivating at one point. We pulled out a blueberry muffin Lara Bar and started the 5 mile trek to the rock.

The trails are clearly marked with color coded reflectors depending on which trail you happen to be following. I was impressed and at ease with this (I’m terrified of being lost in the woods!). 

For the steeper sections huge wooden planks were added for more traction along with support going up or coming down. 

There were two Boy Scout groups we passed with the big packs carrying walking sticks and munching on granola bars.

Matt & I sat by the stream listening to the sound of the water flowing as the other adventurist followed the winding trail. 

The day was perfect and the top of the rock made it so memorable! The trees had gigantic root systems that even formed out of the ground and the cliffs that were ages old that hung over us while we sat around like lizards on the warm rocks. 

It was so much fun my phone mainly stayed in the backpack but I did manage to get a few photos.

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock

High On A Rock - Raven Rock



Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

In morocco, colorful rainbow and High Mountains, Spice Markets, this beautiful portion of the world can be overwhelming. Situated 13 kilometers or it can be eight miles, measured from the coast of Spain, Morocco is a cultural countrywhich blends the traditions of Eastern magic, European aptitudeand Berber custom.

Since 2002, Tourism has more than doubled up in holidays to fez morocco and about was reached nearly 10 million visitors in 2011. In the reign of King Mohammed VI, he desires to rise the annual visitor numbers to 18 million by 2020.

Many things are mysterious yet in Morocco and often many are unable to see them, before going to morocco, some important things you must know:


Cafes dominate life in Tangier:

The key place to socialize, for many visitors in Morocco at least, cafes are the best part for this purpose. Gathering in such places and having drinks, sweet mint tea and watching the other people who are involved in the amusement. In the beautiful city of morocco, Tangier has a long history of literary bohemianism and illegal goings-on, but thanks to it’s ranking in between 1923 to 1956.  With the counting of 800 plus cafes, this city is veryfamous among visitors where saw-writer, rock stars, and eccentrics flock.

There are two cafes which are very well-known and are named as Cafe Hafa (Ave Hadi Mohammed Tazi), which is overseeingthe Strait of Gibraltar, was a beloved retreat of Tangier’s most renowned expat, writer, and composer Paul Bowles.

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

The other is Smoky and slightly jumpy, Cafe Baba (1 rue Sidi-Hosni) is the calmest spot in the Kasbah of Tangier. A photo of Keith Richards, kif-pipe in hand, still decorates the grimy walls.

Ancient places:

Now if we talk about the Morocco places, especially the Mosques, Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, usually open for non-Muslims also. Situated in a prime location over the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque was finished in 1993 and can embrace 105,000 participants inside and out. With the expertise and Practice, sit side by side with colorful zellij tricky stucco, mosaic tiles), and imprinted cedar enhancing the folding roof and heated flooring.

Don’t get stuck in Marrakech & Sahara:

 The most ancient and beautiful red city is Marrakech which is admissible popular, but there’s so much more to experience.There is another ancient city, Fez tops the list for its puzzling Medina, the excellent foodie scene and World Sacred Music which held once every year.

There’s the desert town of Merzouga where a slice of the Sahara is near the impressive Erg Chebbi sand dunes (possibly considered the highest dunes in the Sahara), accessible via camel treks.

Sandy soft Beaches will love laid-back Essaouira and Sidi Ifni on the Atlantic shoreline, while surfers in the water with the Oceanic waves often head south to Taghazout in morocco holidays.

Things To Know Before Visiting Morocco

Hiking between the famous Berber villages & Sahara dunes in the hot season and also the trekking in the High Atlas or head to the blue-hued Andalusian town of Chefchaouen to discover thebeautiful Rif Mountains.

Moulay Idriss is Morocco’s holiest town and for quiet observation, it’s really hard to beat the beautiful experience of alifetime in Morocco holidays. Plus, you’ll have the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis attractive and much wanted for adventurous visitors.

Author Bio:

Hi, this is Maria from UK, I am travel blogger, who love writing original and quality content on the exotic destinations around the world. It is an honor for me if some traveler could get a guideline on choosing cheap holiday packages to morocco or any other travel tips and tricks. I have been through all the packing and travel relevant experiences, so, I would be glad if my idea could inspire someone.

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Hello There!

Hello There!

You may have seen me around here before, I’ve had 2 previous blogs (The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm & Namaste And Eat Cupcakes) over the last few years.

I didn’t know anything about blogging, really. I was just sort of winging it with a post here and maybe one there with one falling towards the end of the month too.

I had no real focus with these two previous. I have learned so much in the 3 years i have been blogging, I decided on the niche I’d like to take part in, along with a few side subjects.

I want to research and write post like i do in my freelance business. I was throwing up posts that spewed out whatever was on my mind at the time. Which if you know me, ya know it was very random.

Let me introduce Myself

I’d like to formally introduce myself!

I’m Leslie Nichole, i live in the south with my FURbaby Quin who is 14 months old. I pretty much run on caffeine (usually in the form of mocha’s), (carbs – pasta, gnocchi, & muffins. I love them but i am trying out a healthier lifestyle) and sarcasm (please don’t take offence to the sarcastic posts that may show up). I have horrible anxiety which makes ut hard to come out of my shell, but I’m working on it.

I enjoy yoga, baking (there will ve recipes, which will not be healthy), light cooking (these recipes will be healthier), watching Disney movies (Belle is my favorite), i am a runner (only in the fall/winter though. The summers here in NC are brutally hot) oh and i collect sugar skulls. I absolutely love them, i love color which they are full of.

I have one sibling whom i share most of my sarcastic moments with, my twin brother – Kevin. Throughout life he has always been my best friend, financial advisor (i make horrible decisions), role model (for him to be an idiot he makes smart choices), and partner in crime (when i have no one else to hang out with me at food truck rodeo’s or craving a cheeseburger pizza and beer).

I juggle a schedule of part times such as assistant to my aunt at the insurance agency she owns and freelance writing. I enjoy working with my aunt, she is my favorite. She loves me as much as my own mom, she even wanted me when i was a baby. I decided to quit my cushy full time job in January to peruse freelance writing, i love intertwining words that make up incredible stories or that share amazing facts. On Monday, i picked up another part time job at Yankee Candle! I am one of those people who feel lazy if they aren’t doing something, so why not fill more time slots. I think forcing myself to talk with strangers will help me get a hold on my anxiety or at least help me identify triggers.

I believe that is enough about me, i want to hear from you! What is one thing that makes you, you? What do you love, hate, despise? I want to come out of the shadows to build new friendships this time around, i can’t wait to meet you!